Thursday, 7 October 2010

Stress.... and wonderful news! :D

Dear readers,

So it is just past ten o’ clock (or at least when I started writing it... and before I got interrupted by phonecalls lol) and I actually gave myself an hour off for a change to actually put a post up here. Lately I have been doing homework until eleven… At which time I shut down my computer and go straight to bed.

Life has been a bit hectic. I only just finished the typing out of the interview I was talking about in the other post. I really did not expect it to be so time consuming. It basically took me about three weeks to finish due to all the homework. But well, now it’s finished… And I really think that I would be doing something like that any time soon. It was interesting to do, because the writer that was being interviewed really had an insanely large literary and theoretic background. However, the pay really does not cover the amount of time that is in it… and frankly, I thought I would go insane with all the stress, since I still had an insane amount of homework to do for the past two weeks.

So that’s about done. This Friday I will train the person who is going to take over my position as treasurer at the student organization. And the Friday the week after we will be holding the members meeting. At the meeting I will present the financial statements and the old board (including me) will officially resign. So that will be the end of that chapter… It was a fun, but very bumpy ride hahhaa.

Anyhow, enough about stress… I have wonderful news!!!... Well that is wonderful news for me. Two days ago my best friend and I booked a three day trip to Disneyland Paris Christmas!!!! :D I am totally looking forward to it! We are going there on November 26 by bus and we will be staying in one of the Disney partner hotels; hotel Kyriad. We have stayed there before and the rooms are really nice and comfy. They are not very big, but we don’t need that much space anyway hahaha. I have always wanted to go to Disney around the time when it is decorated for Christmas and next month it’s finally happening! So currently I am saving up money to buy some souvenirs, lots of Disney stuffles and some awesome Christmas presents! :D The combination of Disney and Christmas is a bit dangerous though, seeing that I both really love Disney and Christmas…. ^__^” So I will just try to not spend all my savings on Disney thingies hahaha.

Well that's it for now ;)