Sunday, 15 April 2012

Another busy bee update

Dear readers,

I am truly sorry for the lack of updates really, but as usual I have been idiotically busy... So I guess this will be another of those apologetic updates in which I explain what I am doing and why I don't update hahah. Please bare with me.

First of all, school really is getting to me right now. At the moment I am working hard to finish a book of 558 pages (e-reader format) before the end of this week (I set myself the task to finish this book in one week... >.> what am I putting myself through?!). The book that I am reading is called The Doctor's Wife and is written by Mary Elisabeth Braddon. It is without a doubt the most boring Victorian novel I have ever read (there is no action in it what so ever!) and the heroine definitely deserves the Oscar for most annoying wretch ever. But thankfully I only have about 140 pages left hahha. Some of you might wonder: why bother to read it then? Well, because I have no choice. I have to read this book for the course Sensation and Gothic Fiction, I will be doing a presentation on it for that course and I will be using the book for my Master thesis. Honestly, the book is boring as hell, but it's a damn good example to support my argument with ^__^". 

Monday, 2 April 2012

Women and Death review

Dear readers,

Well I thought it high time for another review. This review is on Women and Death: Linkages in Western Thought and Literature by Beth Ann Bassein. I hope you will enjoy it. 

I have to admit that I was less taken with this book than I expected to be. In this book Ann  Beth Bassein tries to portray the ways in which women are linked to death in Western culture. What I found the most problematic of this studies is that Bassein's idea of Western culture seems to be limited to the English speaking parts of America, France and England. With this her study necessarily generalizes quite a bit and the reader cannot help but think it best if she had restricted her work to either American or English literature (or perhaps both).