Thursday, 3 November 2011

Dolls and Bears fair and meet the aunt and uncle!

Dear reader,

Just a quick update from me. Currently, I’m extremely busy with school… my teachers are making me read 1000 pages in 2 weeks T_T, but I still wanted to tell write a blogpost about last week.

On Friday my best friend and I went to the International Dolls and Bears Fair, in order to come up with some ideas for the webshop that we are planning on opening. At the beginning of the fair there was a lane which was called “Fantasy Forum” where they had fantasy related dolls, creatures or even lamps and music boxes that were all handmade! I really loved that aisle… I sooo want to get myself one of those lamps when I move out of the house. And some of the dolls made out of clay were just amazing. Someone even made a Mystic and a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal! We might decide to sell some fantasy related handmade dolls and creatures in our webshop, since it is a giftshop and it would fit in nicely with our theme of ‘cuteness’. We also saw some amazing brand bears that we would really like to sell in our shop. So we definitely have a better view of what we want to sell thanks to the fair.
On Saturday my parents, fiance and I spent the entire day at my aunt’s and uncle’s place. It was the first time that my fiance met someone from my father’s side of the family. As expected my aunt and fiance got along really well. My uncle is a bit more of the quiet type (like my father), but judging from his behaviour I think he liked my fiance as well. During the day we went to a small town called Meedemblik. Because there were six of us and only five seats in the care I volunteered to take a seat in the trunk… I have to say, that was a really new experience for me haha. The faces of passersby were just priceless. Some people actually automatically started waving (it were the grownups and not the kids that waved) lol! Meedemblik is an old fisherman’s town which has a tiny haven in the middle of it, which makes it a fun place to walk through. In the evening we had a truly lovely dinner which was prepaired by my uncle. It was truly delicious! He made loin with chestnut mushrooms and a sauce (of which I have no idea what type of sauce it was) with Marjory potatoes, cauliflower, beans, carrots and poached pears on the side. As a desert my aunt had made tiramisu… I’m not a fan of it so I opted for Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream… However, upon taking one bite from my fiance’s tiramisu I really liked it! Probably because the mascarpone flavor was not so strong as it usually is. :D So next time I will definitely also be eating my aunt’s tiramisu.

So all in all I had a really fun two days! :D