Sunday, 3 February 2013

Thank God january is over! :P

Dear reader,

Gosh, am I glad that January is over. I have told you I was busy before, but this month really took the cake. However, before I will get into all that, I am first going to write a bit about Christmas and New Years! :D

I had a lovely Christmas. The first day I just spent with my parents, which was as nice as always!... Except that an ant colony had made its home in our tree and suddenly started to roaming about when we started to open the presents in the morning. So whenever I went over to the tree to take up a present I wacked some ants hahaha. I must say I didn’t feel like it was very much in the spirit of Christmas (with peace on earth and all that), but what can you do?

I got some really awesome presents, such as the DVD Arthur Christmas (which is one of the most fun Christmas movies I have ever seen!), a paperblanks notebook (these are rather expensive. I use those whenever I go to conferences, so I will always be able to find the notes I took easily) and a book entitled Writing Death and Absence in the Victorian Novel by Jolene Zagarovich (I really needed this book for my research). The best gift, however, was my mom’s reaction to her present: I had gotten her tickets to a New Years concert by Wibi Soerjadi (a famous Dutch pianist and composer).