Friday, 10 May 2013

Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks: Enjoying your visit

Dear readers,

Because life got the better of me, I never quite got round to finishing my Disneyland tips and tricks series, so here is the third and final part! This post will give you tips and tricks for when you actually are in Disneyland itself, Walt Disney Studios or Disney Village.

In case you had completely forgotten that I wrote two previous posts, where you can find these or if you are new to my weblog, please see the following two links to my previous posts: 

1. General tips.

a. Bring your own food and drinks.
Disney is really expensive when it comes to food and drinks (think 4,- euro’s for 6 kip nuggets... o.o that’s 0.67 cents per nugget!), so you might want to bring your own food and drinks for during the day. There are a few gas stations near the park, so you should be able to get something there if you want. Example: at a nearby gas station you pay 0,50 cents for a bottle of water, in Disney you will pay 2,20 or more.

b. Make sure to bring along some wipes.
Sometimes you might want to get a snack, which turns out to be a bit more sticky than you were expecting. If you are cueing up for a ride, things might get complicated (and yucky). Especially if you have little kids!

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