Saturday, 28 July 2012

Dutch Musical Wicked review

Dear readers,

On Saturday the 14th of July I went to the musical Wicked with my parents. I had really been looking forward to this show as I had some raving reviews on the West End version. Needless to say, the Dutch version would undoubtedly be a little different, but usually the Dutch adaptations are very good as well.

When you enter the room you are confronted with the following decor:

(sorry for the bad quality: I took this picture with my phone)

I really thought it was highly impressive and it immediately grabs your attention. The rest of the decor that is used during the show is subtle without too many embellishments.  

The plot of the musical relates the story on how the girl Elphaba became the Wicked Witch of the West. I really do not want to give anything away on the plot, because it is very well thought out and because I think people will be able to enjoy the show more if they do not know the entire story. Just prepare yourself for a few very interesting twists! :D Though I would strongly advice against taking children under 9 years old to this musical, as some parts are rather frightening.  
Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New layout and a poll!

Dear readers,

I could not help but feel it was time for a new layout. I had the previous one since 21/08/2011, so I thought it would be time for a change. However, seeing that I am a fan of pastels when it comes to websites, since those are relatively easy on the eye, I decided to stay close the colour scheme of the previous layout.

Although admittedly the other layout looked a bit more professional, I always felt like it did not really represent who I am. Well I definitely cannot say that of this layout haha!  What's more me than a manga character dressed in a Victorian outfit? ;). I really hope that everyone likes the new layout.

However, the new layout is not the only reason for this post. I would really like to make this blog a bit more lively again and I would like to know what interests my readers.

What would you like to see added to this weblog?
Book reviews (warning: those will be mostly Victorian lol).
Victorian fun facts.
Movie reviews.
Graphic design.
Discussions of Fairy tales.
Create your own poll

If there is something else which is not in the poll which you would like to see on here, then please leave a comment and I will take it into consideration! :D I look forward to seeing the results!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Trip report Ghent

Dear reader,

On July 5th I went to Gent for three days with my parents and fiancee. We stayed in the hotel Cours St. Georges, which is located directly in the city center. We went there by train (which took us about 3.5 hours, which is doable).

We bought a Museum Pass as this will grant you access to multiple museums and is also a three-day public transport ticket. The Museum Pass is really quite cheap (20,- euro's). However, if your hotel is located in the city center, you are better off just buying a one way ticket for the tram, as everything is within walking distance. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks: Booking your trip

Dear reader,

As promised in my previous post, here is another one about the actual booking of your trip. In this post I discuss the different types of transportation in detail (and inform you which is cheapest of course), the different hotels you can stay at and if it would be cheaper if you to get an arrangement, separate tickets or a Disney year pass. 

Booking your trip:

Once you have decided when you wish to visit Disneyland Paris, you will have to decide on how you wish to get there and where you wish to stay. Many people think that the hotels near Disneyland are extremely expensive, but this does not always have to be the case. Especially the Disney partner hotels are affordable, even more so if you go outside of the holiday season. 

Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks: Planning your visit

Dear reader,

As promised here some tips and tricks for those of you who wish to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris. I have decided to divide it in a couple of separate posts, as the entry would otherwise be exceedingly long. ;) As a frequent Disney visitor I have a lot of tips to give hahaha.

Today I have decided to post two entries. The first will be about planning your visit and the second will be about the booking of your visit. I hope you will find these posts helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. :) I check my weblog regularly so I will be sure to provide you with an answer.

Planning your visit.