Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Disneyland Paris Tips and Tricks: Planning your visit

Dear reader,

As promised here some tips and tricks for those of you who wish to plan a trip to Disneyland Paris. I have decided to divide it in a couple of separate posts, as the entry would otherwise be exceedingly long. ;) As a frequent Disney visitor I have a lot of tips to give hahaha.

Today I have decided to post two entries. The first will be about planning your visit and the second will be about the booking of your visit. I hope you will find these posts helpful. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. :) I check my weblog regularly so I will be sure to provide you with an answer.

Planning your visit.

The best time to visit Disneyland is outside of the school holidays. The best time to go would be from the middle of January till the first week of June. If you go after that, the park will definitely be crowded. Do take into account that when you go in January or February that it can be extremely cold. After the summer vacation the best time to go would be the middle of September till the first week of October. You can go during a different week in October, but first make sure to check that the Autumn holidays do not start in that week. November and the first two weeks of December is a good time to go as well. If possible, try to avoid the park during the Christmas holidays, because it will be extremely crowded.

If possible, it is best to visit Disney on weekdays as the weekends are often very crowded.

Holiday themes:

The wonderful thing when you go doing October is that the first part of the park will be decorated in a Halloween theme. In previous years the park organized a Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party. The park would stay open either until 11 or 12 o'clock and hosted a number of special shows which you could only see during one of those nights. Unfortunately, this year there will not be such an event due to Disney's 20th anniversary. However, lies in the line of expectation that will be two additional park shows.

For the young adults there will be the Terrorific Nights which takes place in Walt Disney Studios on October 26, 27 and 28. The park advices only to take children above 16 with you. The entrance fee for Terrorific Night is €32,-. If you have a Fantasy or Dream year pass you will receive a discount. Again note that you have to purchase these tickets separately; they are not included in your day pass or year pass.

On All Hallow's Eve (i.e. Halloween; October 31) the park will host A Halloween Soiree which is in the Disneyland park itself and organized especially for both young and old. It is as yet unclear what the entrance fee for the Halloween Soirée will be. However, if you wish to order tickets you have to be quick, for they sell out really fast.

... It's the most wonderful time of the year. During Christmas the first part of the park is entirely decorated with a Christmas theme. In previous years almost the entire park was decorated, but due to the recession it is now usually only Main Street and a small part of Fantasyland that will be decorated. Fantasyland will be home to Belle's Christmas houses, which are little wooden cottages which sell candy and merchandize. However, the shops have a whole bunch of Christmas related merchandize and they also have a special Christmas park show, so it is definitely worth going! The park will unfortunately not organize any parties as they do for Halloween during Christmas, however the restaurants do organize a Christmas dinner which is usually held on Christmas Eve (December 24). They will have a special menu which you will be able to obtain in advance. The website http://www.dlrpfans.be usually publishes the menu's online. 

The Christmas decorations are usually up already in the second week of November.

New Years Eve:
On New Year's Eve the park usually organizes a special event as well. Last year they apparently hosted a light show and fireworks. The park is open until 01.00. Plus there is a special dinner menu for this day as well. I presume that the tickets have to purchased in advance, so make sure to inform if you wish to attend New Years Eve in Disneyland.

Well that is all for the planning your visit section. :) On to the Booking your trip post!