Saturday, 30 June 2012

Disneyland report: New parade + evening show with pictures!

Dear reader,

Yes, I once again went to Disneyland Paris.... And it was awesome! Because Disneyland celebrates its 20th anniversary they have a new parade and a new evening show when the park closes. Especially the latter is freaking awesome! :D They also have a new Park show: the Adventures of Tarzan.

As I have already written so many Disneyland reports this blog post will be a bit different. :) I have chosen to describe the new parade (with pictures) and write a bit about the new evening show rather than tell you what we did, when we did it and where we ate haha. Of course I will also write a short paragraph about the things which I have bought ;). 

The new Disneyland parade 'The Magic of Disney', has some really great new wagons. Unfortunately, quite a few of the wagons have remained the same, which was a bit of a letdown.  

I really loved the new opening wagon which features a miniature version of the Sleeping Beauty castle as well as Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. I really loved Disney for making the fairy Godmother (Cinderella), the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) and Merlin (who is standing at the back of the wagon; The Sword in the Stone) part of the parade. 

The opening wagon is followed by three carriages with Briar Rose and prince Philip (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella and her prince (has anyone ever noticed that the poor guy doesn't even have a name? lol) and finally Snow White and her prince charming (yep, another John Doe). 

They are followed by the old wagon on which all the princes and princesses used to stand. This wagon now only features Ariel and prince Erick (The Little Mermaid), Tiana and Navene (The Princess and the Frog) and Rapunzel and Flint. Sadly both Aladdin and Jasmine and Beauty and the Beast are no longer part of the parade. I really believe they deserved their own wagon, like they used to have in one of the previous parades. 

This wagon was followed by four  wagons which was part of the previous parade. First there is the wagon which features Alice in Wonderland at the front and Pinocchio at the back. 

Followed by the wagon which carries the Toy Story characters in the front and Winnie the Pooh and his friends at the back. 

Then along came the (still very awesome) jungle wagon with the Lion King at the front and Jungle Book at the back. 

The next cart has the Jolly Rodger with Peter Pan and Hook on it at the front and a little carrousel for Mary Poppins at the back.

At the close of the parade there was a new wagon for Mickey and his friends. I really like what they did with this wagon... Just look at all the Phantasia references! :D 

I really think it a pity that there is no longer a villains wagon; the only two villain that are still part of the parade are the Queen of Hearts and Captain Hook.

So basically Disney did a very smart thing: they have reduced the number of characters (and with that have reduced the costs) and still managed to maintain the length of the parade. I still really think it's a pity that only halve of the parade is new, but I guess it cannot be helped; Disney is also suffering because of the economic recession.

Well then, how about that evening show? The first night we did not have the greatest view as we were standing slightly to the side of the castle. In order to enjoy this show to its full potential you really have to stand right in front of the castle; preferably a bit to the back. The show is projected onto the castle and two water walls at the left- and the right side of the castle which are created with the help of a water organ. The show really is worth staying in the park for and I really do think it's even more awesome than the Fantillusion parade (the light parade, which unfortunately, had to make room for this night time spectacular). I really don't want to give away too much for those who still want to see this... I have inserted a youtube video below with the entire show! :) 


The new park show The Adventures of Tarzan really surpassed my expectations. I just expected your average show that tells the story of how Tarzan met Jane etc. However, this show was definitely NOT average! Disney actually went as far as to hire acrobats to hang around in ropes, to jump off a cliff.... They even inserted a trapeze act! So if you go to Disney this is a definite must see!!!!

Well then, we are now finally getting to the good part; what did I buy? :P Well not that much this time. I actually wanted to get a snowglobe, but unfortunately, they no longer sell it. I will attempt to purchase it online, but I have small hopes for it, as it is no longer being produced. I did, however, buy this really awesome travel mug from Alice in Wonderland:

I also bought this really cute set of earrings:

I bought a lot of things for other people, but of course I cannot place that here for now. ^__^" I wouldn't want them to find out before I actually give it to them hahaha.

So that was my Disneyland report/ blog! The next blog will be a tips and tricks post on Disneyland for those of you who wish to visit Disney in the near future :D.