Sunday, 24 June 2012

My super pretty bag! :D

Dear readers,

Just a small blog post this time about my truly awesome (and super expensive!) bag. As those who have been following my blogs regularly know by now; I really love to have a unique bag. Whenever I need a new bag I really spend my time searching for one that not everyone one has. Well this bag definitely ticked all the boxes.

As I will be going to conferences and will be starting a PHD next semester I thought I was in need of a bag that was a lot more formal than the backpack or messenger back that I usually use... Or well that's the reason I used to convince myself (yes I had to convince myself because of the price hahah). 
The bag is from a Japanese brand which specializes in Gothic Lolita clothing and accessories. I have ordered it through a Dutch Gothic Lolita store called Mfashion ( The bag is handmade, faux leather (no animals have been hurt :D). Because of the ruffles it looks formal and yet cute! Aaannnddd.... you can use it both as a shoulder bag and as a backpack! :D


Swan Plate 2 way Bag (Black)

I really really really love the bag! Let me know what you think about the bag guys! :D