Monday, 18 June 2012

PHD position! :D

Dear readers, 

Yesterday I received an e-mail which stated that I was admitted into the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis as an externally funded PHD student! :D I am just over the moon! (And super hyper for that matter).

As an externally funded student I will not receive any funding from the University itself, but I will not have to pay any tuition fees either! Moreover, I will be able to make use of all the facilities which the University offers to funded PHD students as well. Amongst others, I will receive a desk at one of the offices which have been made available for the ASCA PHD students (insert a squeal here) and I will be allowed to follow the courses which provided by ASCA and the Graduate School of Humanities. They even have a teacher training course, which I hope I will be allowed to attend.

So, I will be doing research for at least 3 to 4 years (if not longer) into the denial of death in British Victorian Novels. If that is not happiness then I do not know what is (I am sure my fellow Victorians will understand exactly what I am saying :D).

As it is not a funded position, I will be looking for funding outside University so I will be able to generate an additional income. As things are now I will have to continue to work for two days a week, which I do not mind doing at all. However, ideally I would like to spend 5 days a week on my research. I am definitely planning on applying for a funded position with ASCA for next year. Who knows: if I work really hard, they might decide to fund me :D (Not like I would not have worked hard otherwise… lol I believe my system does not have a setting other than ‘working hard’ hahah).

Honestly, part of me did not dare to hope that I would actually get accepted, as it seemed like such a long shot. I know that for the funded positions there were about 400 applications (and only 5 positions!). I am not sure how many applications they had for a non-funded position, but I am sure that I should be lucky to get in.

I honestly cannot wait for the start of next year… and this year is not even over! I am currently still waiting for my supervisor’s feedback on my Master thesis. The prospect of a PHD really does give me a huge motivational boost.

Well that’s it for my hyperactive rambling about getting the PHD position.


Blacky (prospective PHD student *squeal*).


Adinda said...

Woooow it sounds SO cool! I'm so happy for you and proud of you!!

Blackcat said...

:D Thank you dear!