Friday, 15 June 2012

All kinds of things to write about

Dear reader,

It has been a while (again!) since my last update. My life has been rather hectic lately. Well
let’s get to it, cause I have a LOT of catching up to do lol ;). I wrote this blog post a week ago, but forgot it at work... So here it FINALLY is. :) Expect a couple of blog posts more during the coming couple of days!

I have been suffering from a severe back ache for about a month now. In the beginning it was
so bad that I could hardly sit behind my computer, but fortunately, it is hurting a lot less. I
will be going to the doctor again this week, just to make sure (since it is still hurting >.<).

About two weeks ago I started the process of writing my Master thesis after having read a
loooottt of books. I have pretty much finished the writing of the thesis, so now I am waiting for my supervisor to get back to me with feedback. Currently, my thesis is about 13500 words.

In the meantime I have also attended a student conference which was held at our University
on the 4th of May. About ten students of the University of Freiburg came over to discuss
Victorian sensation and Gothic fiction with us. The papers were really interesting, especially
since some put forward contrasting views to the ones put forward by some of my classmates.
It was a long day. Everyone was extremely nervous, but everyone did a really good job.
Needless to say, my paper was on the beautification of the dying body (bet that came as a
surprise!) in the novel The Doctor’s Wife by Mary Elisabeth Braddon.

Well, what else has been going on? Since about four weeks ago I have also started to give
tutoring lessons to the younger sister of the girl that used to live next door to me. She was
having trouble with English (she would be force to leave the school that she is currently
attending if she were to fail English this year) so they asked me if I could tutor her.
I have to admit that I was completely appalled by the text book they use to teach children
English at her school. I really wonder how the teachers expect children to understand English
if nothing is explained to them properly. She is currently only getting vocabulary tests;
grammar is explained briefly in class, but they are not given any exercises. Result: I have to
start with the basics.
I have discovered a really awesome website where you can download and print games, which
help children to learn English. Thankfully, the girl is a quick study, so I should be able to get
her up to par soon enough.

Sunday May 13 I attended a small primary school reunion. It was really fun to see one of my
teachers again, as well as the other classmates that I had not talked to in ages. There were only
five other people who attended, as the rest could not make it, but it was fun never the less.
We just sat down at a café and had a relaxed talk with everyone. My fiancée and I attended
the same primary school, so it was pretty fun to see everyone’s reaction to our engagement

Last Saturday I, together with my parents, went to my fiancée’s house. His mother made Roti
and showed my mother how to make it as well. :D The food was simply delicious! It was nice
to have a little get together. I am so lucky that my parents and in-laws get along!
Sunday and Monday I spent cleaning out my room. I sorted out my stuff and did some
cleaning… I don’t think my room has ever been this empty O.o. Tomorrow I will be installing
my new desk and bureau chair, which I bought yesterday. :D Then I will finally have an
actual desk to work at (rather than the kitchen table hahaha).