Sunday, 15 April 2012

Another busy bee update

Dear readers,

I am truly sorry for the lack of updates really, but as usual I have been idiotically busy... So I guess this will be another of those apologetic updates in which I explain what I am doing and why I don't update hahah. Please bare with me.

First of all, school really is getting to me right now. At the moment I am working hard to finish a book of 558 pages (e-reader format) before the end of this week (I set myself the task to finish this book in one week... >.> what am I putting myself through?!). The book that I am reading is called The Doctor's Wife and is written by Mary Elisabeth Braddon. It is without a doubt the most boring Victorian novel I have ever read (there is no action in it what so ever!) and the heroine definitely deserves the Oscar for most annoying wretch ever. But thankfully I only have about 140 pages left hahha. Some of you might wonder: why bother to read it then? Well, because I have no choice. I have to read this book for the course Sensation and Gothic Fiction, I will be doing a presentation on it for that course and I will be using the book for my Master thesis. Honestly, the book is boring as hell, but it's a damn good example to support my argument with ^__^". 

For the coming couple of weeks I will continue to read like a mad person. I still have about 1400 pages to read before (preferably) the middle of May for my MA thesis (normal homework excluded). For those of you who are interested in the books that I will be reading for my research I have added a little list at the end of this blog post.

Next to all that I of course still work 16 hours a week. I still enjoy working at the call center. My colleagues are still wonderful (everyone is so nice!) and I am currently working on a little project at work. I love doing projects, since they often provide me with a little bit of a challenge. And truth be told, I really do need a challenge when it comes to the work I do, for I get bored quite easily.

I of course also get to see my fiancé! The day that I meet him is my well deserved one day off per week haha. Yesterday we went to the movie The Lorex, which is from the makers of Despicable Me. Although the movie is not as funny as Despicable Me, I had a really good time. My fiancé, unfortunately, did not like it as much as I did... But he had a big box of pop-corn, so it was all good (his words not mine haha). And at least he did not fall asleep, as some other guy did in the row before us (his poor girlfriend! hahah). I would not recommend this movie to those of you who hate animated movies in which people spontaneously burst out in song. However, if you do not mind a song once in a while, especially if it is a parody, then by all means, go and see it!

Well that is it for now. Back to The Doctor's Wife for me.



As promised: here's a little list for those of you interested in the books that I shall be reading.

Currently reading: Braddon, Mary Elisabeth. The Doctor's Wife. pp. 1-464.

Books yet to read:

Barthes, Roland. "The Reality Effect."  p. 141-148.

Butler, Judith. Bodies that Matter: Discursive limits of text. pp. 57-121.

Christ, Carol. "Painting the Dead." Death and Representation. pp. 133-51.

Flournoy, Olivier. "Castration, an Illusory Virtual Reality." pp. 23-38.

Kristeva, Julia. Desire in Language: A semiotic Approach to Literature and Art. pp. 124-158 and 237-270.

Llywelyn, Nigel. The art of death: visual culture in the English death ritual c.1500-c.1800. pp. 1-160.

Matthis, Iréne. Dialogues on sexuality, gender, and psychoanalysis. pp. 1-219.

Montgomery, Florence. Misunderstood. pp. 1-282.

Nightingale, Florence. Cassandra. pp. 1-58.

Sussman, Herbert L. Victorian Masculinities: Manhood and masculine poetics in early Victorian literature and art. pp. 1-227.