Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Dear reader,

Well I’m back to being busy, busy, busy! I only have two weeks of vacation left before my internship and school start again… And I still want to do so many things! There are still some friends which I want to meet before I get all tangled up in schoolwork again… School really is not that good for your social life. So yesterday I met with a friend who I had not seen for I think half a year? Though we do keep in touch through msn and stuff. And tonight I am going over to my boyfriend’s sister’s place where we (my bf and I) will be dining together with her and her boyfriend. I am really looking forward to it, since we really do get along. We both like cute things, history and literature… so yep; we have LOTS to talk about hahaha.

Also, I am currently busy with the financial statements (I hope this is the right term for it in English) for the student organization. Thankfully, I am a very organized person so I have all the numbers in excel sheets, so I just have to compile them into one sheet and viola! ^__^” Thought he compiling is probably going to take a while.
Yesterday I had a meeting with the president to talk about the progress we are making with book sales, finances etc. The bank where the student organization has its account, is doing their utmost best to drive us completely round the bend. I have been trying to get access to the money on that account since October! And I still can’t access it! I had to go there again yesterday afternoon with my passport (for the 3rd time!) to show them that it really is me. And the worst thing is: I am a customer with that bank myself! So I really don’t know what’s the problem -__-.
Next to that I find myself getting more and more involved with the book sale which we will be holding at the start of the new semester. Actually that’s not really part of my job… but something went wrong in the communication between the vice-president and the president ^__^” (which wasn’t for the first time *sigh*).
Oh aannndd I discovered that some of my mails which I sent to organizations and institutions did not get through… so I had to resent them, apologizing for the delay and everything. -__- Yeay for gmail *ahem*. *sob* The work just keeps piling up.

Well next to that I of course want to get some reading done in advance and some reading to catch up with contemporary literature…. Which I sadly have not been able to do since Friday.

I am also still have to take care of some things before I am allowed participate in my master courses… However, I cannot do that without the grade for my bachelor thesis… which, sadly, I have not yet received. I really do hope that my teacher will send it to me soon, because I am starting to panic a little: the deadline is August 31… and it’s already the 17th today.

And next to all that I still find time to help my boyfriend with his finances (yes I have become his accountant…. next to being his personal secretary :P) and to cheer him up a little. The poor thing is a bit down in the bumps.

So that’s just to let you guys know what’s going on at this point… As you can see it’s a lot hahahaha. Though I will try to still update this blog everyday with some reviews on movies, books or even anime or manga (which I have not yet wrote anything about! O.o shame on me!).

Well I had better get some work done know ;).




Ayaka said...

Yush shame on chu!! how about writing about that manga you got :3 (talking in the future lol)