Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elegant Gothic Lolita

Dear reader,

Well so far the blog thingy is really going very well this time. I have written something everyday (when I was at home that is hahaha). :D I'm actually getting a little proud of it hahaha.

Well today I went to Bilthoven with my best friend to visit the only Elegant Gothic Lolita shop that we have in the Netherlands called Murai fasion (click the name if you are interested in seeing the website). As I am a cuteness addict and absolutely love the Victorian age this type of clothing is quite a dangerous combo for me hahaha. Elegant Gothic Lolita is a clothing style developed in Japan by an artist called Mana, which is greatly inspired on the type of clothing that people wore during the Victorian age. The clothes are quite recognizable as it is often decorated with bows and frills. The skirts and dresses are often knee-length, under which they wear a petticoat and bloomers. They often wear knee socks with either a cute pattern or frills as well. There are different styles of Elegant Gothic Lolita, but I won't bore you with that. I myself prefer the Sweet Lolita style. The purpose of dressing up as a Sweet Lolita is purely to look cute and absolutely adorable ;).

A Japanese girl wearing Sweet Lolita.

I myself have a lolita dress and an absolutely beautiful blouse to go with it.

My beautiful blouse. The colar and sleeves are detachable... so I can wear it during winter and summer! :D

It is rather hard for me to find Lolita brand clothes that fit, since I am not exactly your average skinny girl (if you know what I mean). My best friend on the other hand.... she fits EVERYTHING.... So I just join her on her trips to the store and dress her up in cute outfits. :D I don't even need my own Asian Ball Joint Doll (a doll that many Lolita's have which they love to dress up), I have a real life one hahhaa.

Speaking of dolls. On my visit to the shop I noticed that they had a Pullip doll, which I had been thinking of buying... but had not done so yet as they are really expensive. I usually don't really like dolls (especially not since I saw the horror movie Chucky when I was 11.... and it was not voluntarily), but this doll is just simply beautiful in her Elegant Gothic Lolita outfit:


... So now I am doubting whether or not to buy it even more. Argh, being a cuteness addict can sometimes be really vexing! So... I would like to request your help. What do you think? To buy, or not to buy? That is the question.

Well that's it for today ;)




Ayaka said...

To buy! lol, I'm just going to keep telling you the same thing over and over again. Of course what are friends for though right? :P

Blackcat said...

lol Tnx :D. Though I have decided not to buy it for now. Currently I do not know how my school expenses will fall out.. so it's better to wait a little I suppose ^^ (my dad gave me an eye opening speech hahaha).
But thanks for the advice! :D And I WILL buy that doll someday, I just know it hahaha.