Friday, 13 August 2010

How to achieve (iron) discipline when it comes to studying: tip 2.

Dear reader,

Well, as promised here is tip number 2!

Tip 2: Orientate yourself on your goal.
Although you have done some research before choosing your goal, it is very important to gather some more information afterwards as well. Try to find out what exactly will be expected of you on the road to get there, and you will not find yourself confronted with sudden surprises. When you, for example, start a new study it might be useful to take a good look at the study guide (every university has one) to see what types of subjects you will be doing; not only for the coming semester, but for all three or four (or more) years of your study. By doing so you will be preparing yourself for the types of subjects which you will encounter and you will be able to form a picture of the amount of work which it might prove to be. Of course this is not possible by merely reading the course description, but also by looking at the books which are mentioned in the study guide. You could try to see if some of them are available on google books, so you can have a peak at them (just for the meantime if you have not yet ordered or bought your book). The amount of work might seem a bit much if you view everything at once, but do not let yourself get discouraged: you do not have to read these books all at the same time. You will be offered a schedule by your instructors, which will make the course material come across as more structured and clear.

In the case that you actually thought that it is not that much and that you will be able to cope with it perfectly, than multiply the workload which you expect by two. Why so? Well especially in the first part of your first year no matter what studies you do; the workload will seem much more than it really is and it will be hard on you. But don’t let that discourage you… After all, you have a goal that you wish to achieve. ;) You have the poster above your bed, your wallpaper and your screensaver to remind you of that in the meantime ^^.

At the beginning of the year your teachers will probably give you the course study guides in advance so you can get a look at the texts that are to be discussed. Take this opportunity to browse through every one of them; again carefully orientating yourself on every subject. In this way you will know what to expect. Again, do not get discouraged if you think it much. Everyone else will think the same way as you do; you will not be the odd one out. And it will be a bit of a struggle to get into the rhythm… but again: that’s true for everyone (even for the iron disciplined people). Also keep in mind that you can do it! With some trust and faith in yourself and a goal you wish to fight for, you can do anything! (And maybe some more of my tips will help as well :P).

Well that was tip number 2 for today. Tomorrow I will hopefully put up tip number 3. Again, I hope you find these useful. If so, please let me know :D.