Thursday, 5 August 2010

One thing that I have learned today

Dear reader,

Well today I will write an answer to a Plinky prompt. Not because I have run out of things to write about, but simply because this particular Plinky prompt is interesting and quite applicable to an experience that I had today.

The plinky promt is ‘Share one thing that you learned recently’. If you think carefully about it, you learn something new every day. And there are many categories into which these newly learned things may fall. It can, for example, be something about yourself, something about someone close to you, something related to your studies or maybe just something that you have seen and made you think that was worth remembering simply because you found it interesting.

Well one of the things which I learned today, I learned during my job interview. The person who was interviewing me presented me with one of the e-mails that I had send him and asked me to look it over with regards to compounds (these are words which are put together to make a new word). He pointed out that I had written ‘internet caf├ęs’ instead of ‘internetcafes’ (yes in Dutch that is one word) and ‘e-mail adres’ instead of e-mailadres (yes in Dutch that is also one word). I have been so used to writing these words in English that at first I did not even notice that I had made a mistake. Also, when I wrote the e-mail I had just gotten back from France and was quite tired, which is probably why they slipped in. For I do know that compounds are one of my weaknesses; I have the tendency to automatically write the words separately. As I am very much aware of this weakness, I usually pay extra attention to it, to make sure I do not make those mistakes (because I actually know that the words should be written as one word. I have the same problem with then and than… I use than when I need to use then… I have no idea why I do this, because I know the rules by heart. It is really strange). Today’s experience has taught me (or rather showed me once again) that even though you are tired, this may never be an excuse to lose sight of your weaknesses. You should at all times stay alert to them and try to fix them as well as you can. And being a perfectionist…. I will not rest before I have reached perfection. It’s a blessing and a curse really hahaha.

So… even if I do not get hired for the job, at least I have learned something from the experience. And I hope that they days to come will teach me lessons which are as important and as valuable as that which I have learned today. (the last part may sound a little melodramatic, but it is how I really feel ^^).
Well, that’s it for today ;)



Ayaka said...

Hehe, you know I feel you. I have problems with the language as well. English mainly and using it in Spanish, I've found myself also at times writing words in Spanish which is rather annoying, considering I am doing it for assignments or other things that require in a way professionalism. I've learned many things about myself and the world around me recently mainly because I am pregnant and changes just keep on happening to me >.< but what I've learned I greatly enjoy.