Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Tuesday is my new favourite day of the week!

Dear reader,

Well another hyped up post from yours truly. From now on, Tuesday is going to be my favourite day of the week. Why, you ask? Well, simply because a lot of good things happen on Tuesdays. Last week I received a call from an employment agency, who invited me for a job interview, I went there just in case I would not get hired for the internship for which I had applied at a book concern called Athenaeum. On the same day I received an e-mail with the date and time for my job interview at the Athenaeum book concern. Also, it was at that day that I visited the Gothic Lolita shop (to which I devoted an entire blogpost).

Well yesterday was another great day.

In the morning I phoned a company called DUO, which gives people in Holland their scholarships. They sent me a letter telling me that since I had received it for four succeeding years, the scholarship would be stopped in October this year. However, on the website I saw that if you were to do a master which lasts for 2 years, this will entitle you to another year of scholarship. Well the master that I will be doing is a 2 year master… So I decided to call them and ask if it was really true that this would entitle me to another year of scholarship. The extremely grumpy, yet helpful madam on the phone explained to me that this indeed was the case. I am really happy that this is the case, for although it is not much, it sure helps.
In the afternoon I received the absolutely awesome Aniway agenda that I had ordered. Aniway is a Dutch anime and manga magazine that I am a member off. And the agenda is just absolutely wonderful!
And at about half past 5 I received an e-mail from the book concern that they had decided to hire me! :D I am going to be an intern at the webshop. It is for about 16 hours a week. I will be writing and/ or editing reviews and news items, I will have to keep in contact with publishers and other institutions, as it is of the essence to know which books will be published on what date and if these books would fit the book concern’s image. Also it will be necessary to use social media (such as youtube, facebook and twitter) in order to reach as many costumers as possible. And truth be said: their facebook page needs some improvement. They number of visitors isn’t nearly as large as it could be if they were to place a link to their facebook site on the front page of the website or so. I am sure that most customers do not even know that they have a facebook page: I for one did not. I really am excited to start working there. I have always wanted to work at a bookstore and to be able to do so behind the scenes is even more exciting. There is sooo much to learn that it makes me a little nervous (if not dizzy)… But I will work hard to learn as much as I possibly can! I am currently brushing up on my knowledge of contemporary Dutch literature; I thought it might come in handy. So many of my blogposts in future will probably be on my adventures in bookland :P…. or does: ‘the book chronicles’ sound better? ahhaha (iek, I am so excited!).
In the evening I went to a café to meet up with an ex-college of mine, which I had not seen for AGES! We both used to work at Madam Tussauds; she left before I did though. Since we got along really well we decided to keep in touch. She just got married, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

Well I can’t wait to see what next Tuesday will have in store for me :D.




Ayaka said...

So then what have all your Tuesdays brought? Now I want to know.