Sunday, 31 July 2011

An eventful, fun week!

Dear reader,

Well last week was a rather eventful week so lots to write about!

On Tuesday I finally saw my best friend again after quite some time. First we went shopping, both for a gift and for the ingredients for a High Tea. We were making an improvised High Tea so we bought scones, clotted cream and chocolate tart and we made sandwiches with either cucumber or salmon. Whilst having the High Tea we watched the wonderful movie Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. This really is one of the best dance movies they have ever made! So we had a lot of fun!

The next day I went to a bookstore in the city with my dad and fiancé to sell some of my old study and children books. I was really happy with the amount of books that could be sold! Afterwards my fiancé and I had lunch, walked around a bit, enjoyed the view at Café Bleu at the top of the Kalverentoren (in the middle of the Amsterdam city centre) and closed of the day with eating some delicious ice cream at the Häagen-daz bar. I had no idea that there actually was such a bar, but apparently it has been here for about five years (shame on me lol!). I had a crêpe with two scoops of ice cream, one of which was Belgian chocolate and the other midnight chocolate cookies (or something like that). My fiance had a waffle and (if I remember correctly) butterscotch syrup, and three scoops: one strawberry cheesecake, rum raisin and Belgian chocolate. 

The following two days were not as exciting since I had to go to work hahaha. I did not do much else than working and reading on those.

On Saturday, however, I (together with my mom, dad and fiance) met up with a friend that I had not seen for over two years! I was soooo happy to see her! We had a wonderful day. We went to Artis, the Amsterdam zoo. There were lots of baby animals (monkeys, a baby elephant, a baby giraffe, lion cubs.... you name it!) and a lot of things had been changed since the last time we were there, so there was enough to see. I really still like the butterfly garden that they have created. We tried to photograph a beautiful big, blue butterfly, but unfortunately failed miserably; it flew waaayy to fast! And if it landed for a few seconds, it closed its wings! But we had a few good laughs hahah! We talked a lot (since obviously we had lots of catching up to do) and just had a great time! Afterwards we ate at a really good Chinese restaurant. For desert my boyfriend had baked ice-cream. It was a specialty of the house and if you can ever get your hands on it... try it! :D It tasted awesome! 

The baked ice cream is the one on the left. 

Well that is it again for now. ;) Expect another blogpost soon!