Friday, 8 July 2011

Going on a trip to Budapest

Dear reader,

Thursday next week, on the 14th of July, I will be leaving for Budapest with my fiance! We will be staying there until the 19th.  So I thought a post would be in order to let my loyal readers about that ;). The plain will take off at 10 o’clock, so we will be in Budapest at around 12. We are staying in a lovely hotel called ‘Central hotel 21’. As the name already states, it really is quite central; we have three different subway stations to choose from (each being about a 10 minute walk from the hotel).

I have promised my fiance that I would try to limit my control freakiness, so I made a promise with him that I would not make an entire schedule for everyday that we are there. And since I always keep my promise, I will not be able to give the reader an overview of all the things that we will be doing. However, there are a couple of things that I really, really want to do there (although I don’t yet know on which day we will be doing them hahaha.

First of all there is a huge underground labyrinth, called the labyrinth of Buda castle. Yes, it is based directly underneath the Buda castle. It seems to be quite big, so I am really looking forward to seeing that; will be the perfect outing on a hot day. For those of you interested, this is the website + map of the labyrinth:

Another thing that the both of us want to do is going to one of the malls they have their, namely Mammut. This mall is absolutely HUGE; it has 330 shops! So yeah, I am pretty much expecting us to spend an entire day there haha. Some of you might be wondering; why would one go to a shopping mall when you are on holiday? Easy: because clothes and everything else are very cheap in Hungary :P hahaha.

There is only one other thing that I would really like to do. In Budapest they have a circus, the Hungarian state circus, all year round. I have taken a look at the website and it looks really wonderful. The theme this year seems to be water, so not only do you get the standard circus acts, but they really use the water as well. I believe they will even be using a seal during one of their performances.  

Everything else is still open to debate, but there definitely is a lot more to do in Budapest than I had expected. They also have a big zoo, a huge aquarium and they even have their own amusement park! Next to that you can visit the Palace of Sisi in Göndolo, which is 2 hours by train away from Budapest. And those who know me well are probably already thinking: ‘she’s going to suggest to go there during the holiday’. :P Yes I will suggest it, but it depends on the weather and if my fiance would feel up for it hahaha.

So yes, this time it’s not a carefully scheduled holiday... But I have bought a travel guide, which contains a map haha. Don’t like going completely unprepared, for after all, I am still a bit of a control freak ;) hahaha.




Adinda said...

Sounds great!!

Blackcat said...

:D I know right? ^^ Will post a full length report after I come back :P haha