Monday, 19 September 2011

My birthday!

Dear reader,

Well because I'm currently sick in bed I finally get to write a post about my birthday!
As you know I only got back to Holland the day before my birthday so I decided to spend it in a nice quiet way. Mom and dad woke me up whilst singing 'Happy birthday', which has probably become a family tradition haha, and it was time for presents. They gave me two tickets, for me and my mom, to go to a concert of Josh Groban! :D I already knew that I was getting those tickets, but that did not make me less happy!

And then there was another gift, but not from mom or dad. A very good friend of mine and old classmate had let a store send a present to my house whilst I was in Birmingham.

She got my this lovely Minnie Mouse teapot! The other side of the pot features a small picture of Minnie. I'm  actually quite hooked on teapots, so I am really happy with this wonderful gift. Last friday she gave me the "other part" of my gift, which was a really cute wooden box with Mickey in a chef tenue with some Earl Grey tea in it. I can't wait to start using this adorable tea pot.

In the afternoon my wonderful fiance joined us for the celebration. He had already given me my present (see the post on Abunai). We ended up playing a board game called Party and Co and had loads of fun! In the evening his mother joined us. She had even bought me a gift! I received a dolphin charm and a matching ring. They both have little hearts attached to them and they really match with the dolphin earrings I wear all the time.

The Wednesday after my birthday (which was on Sunday, September 4), I got to celebrate my birthday with my best friend. We ate some cake and then she gave me this wonderful present:
It is a heart charm from the brand Thomas Sabo. The stone is a granate. I really love this pendant; isn'tit the most elegant and beautiful little thing? This picture does not really do it justice, because it sparkles a lot and the colour is really a more beautiful red then is shown here. I tried to take a picture of it myself, but those did not turn out very nice.

So again I have been spoiled waaayyy to much on my birthday by the people I love. Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts; I will cherish them!