Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas tree, amusementpark, one year together!

Dear readers,

Well the past few weeks have been rather busy. Last week on Sunday I went to the garden centre with my fiance to see if I could find some additions to my Christmas tree. Instead I bought some supplies to make a Christmas centrepiece haha. I have not done this in ages and have been wanting to do it since forever... So I decided to buy the supplies and have some fun with it. I will probably leave it to the night before Christmas to do it or so, as I will have quite a lot to do for the coming days... yes I have some homework that I really need to catch up with. I had a lot of fun dragging by fiance along all the Christmas stuff. This year's goal is to get him into the Christmas spirit. So far I am the only person who has persuaded him to tag along to a gardening centre when they have Christmas goods... :P So I might be able to pull it off hahaha.

On Wednesday I decided to decorate the tree that I got with my dad on Friday. A lot of people have been curious as to what it would look like this year. Sadly there are very few additions to the tree, as we don't have any room left in the tree. The only addition are the two little squirrels in the front of the tree. I admit, they are not very Disney-ish... but they are cute!!! :P So yeah, they deserve a place in the tree hahhaa. But if everything goes according to plan, next year there might be a very good reason to buy some more decorations ;) (yes that is a hint). 

 My wonderful Disney Christmas tree!!!! :D

Two days ago, on Saturday December 17, my fiance and I were officially together for one whole year!!! Time sure flies. I can still remember our first date and kiss as if it were only yesterday.  To celebrate this special day we went to an amusement park with my parents, my fiance's mother, aunt, his brother and his brother's girlfriend (my mom had won free tickets with a lottery haha). Although the amusement park itself is more for little children, we still had a lot of fun. We even played a game there that is always present on funfairs here in Holland... it's called 'touwtje trekken' (string pulling) and it's actually for kids of around 6 or so haha. I just love that my fiance just does whatever he likes to do without bothering with what everyone else might think. So yeah it was good for a laugh. And I got such an awesome price!

lol Yes it is a Snow White miniature tea set... :P And I really like it... Is that bad? lol

They also had an arcade there, were they had quite a lot of coin pushers. And apparently my fiance and I really have a nag for those things. ^^ So here are three of the prices that my fiance allowed me to pick out!
The big bear is sooooo soft! And everyone was eying it whilst I was 
walking around with it in the amusement park lol! Oh and the 
Christmas bear has a bell that rings!

My fiance has two little soft bears with a tennis outfit and a small white bear that is holding a heart, that says I love you (I will see if I can bother him for some pictures later :D).

We had quite a bit of luck with the weather. There was a really short rain shower whilst we were inside the park. It was only when we were on the way back (and thus safely inside the car) that it began to pour down. We ended the day with my very first experience of Kentucky Fried Chicken... which wasn't that great of a success as I do not like chicken all that much haha. The filet bites were good though! I spent the night at my fiance's place, so we spent the next day relaxing.

Well now it are just a few more days before it's Christmas... What will you guys be doing this Christmas? ;)



Ayaka said...

The bears are so cute!!!

I wants one (I don't have space for any more, but heck aren't they just to adorable!). I am glad to hear have been having an awesome time!

Blackcat said...

Hahah well I have the same problem... But somehow always find a place for another plushy ^__^". Though if this goes on I might have to sleep on the floor, because my bed is filled with plushies hahaha.