Sunday, 28 April 2013

Chipmunk cuteness and high tea pictures!

Dear readers,

Well in my previous post I promised you some chipmunk cuteness, so here it is! Below you will first find a (very) short video in which you can see me (well you can see my hand and legs lol) feeding a squirell! :D I was so surprised that it dared to come so close!

Please note: the cookies were simple biscuits.

Some pictures of the squirells in Hyde Park!

The picture below was taken in Kensington Palace Gardens. This little fellow decided to stalk me in the hope that I would share my candy cane with him... Which I of course did not! If I had had some cookies on me I would have gladly shared them with him though :). 

For those of you who were curious about the high tea we had, I unfortunately only have pictures taken from "above".

My parents had a savoury high tea. So instead of pastries they received the following:  

The sweet high tea, which I had.  

Well that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the chipmunk adorableness!


P.s. I know... technically they are squirell not chipmunks... XD But chipmunk adorableness and chipmunk cuteness sounds so much better... :P