Saturday, 29 June 2013

Disneyland Paris and the Louvre; a shopblog.

Dear readers,

Well it has been a while again. I have been really busy and just when I was planning on writing a trip report on Disneyland, I got a throat infection which pretty much forced me to stay in bed for 1,5 weeks... You can’t imagine how glad I am right now to be able to do something other than just watch tv or a movie. After a couple of days that really gets old. I am still on anti-biotics though, so I apologize if there are a lot of typo’s and such in the post.

As I have already provided you with a number of Disney trip reports, I thought it would be nice to do something a little different. I will be writing a shopblog instead.

Before going to Disneyland my best friend and I had decided that we will not be going to Disney for the coming 1 to 1,5 years. We have been to the park quite often and we do not want it to lose its magic for us. So, as I was walking through the stores I noticed that they had some really awesome table ware. Now seeing that I will hopefully be living together with my fiancĂ© before my next trip to Disney, I thought it would be a pretty good opportunity to buy some essentials for our yet to be found home. I called my fiancĂ© to discuss this. I even had a picture at the ready, but he pretty much gave me the get go without ever seeing the picture. His reaction was: “Well you know my taste” and “If I don’t like it.... well I guess we will then just have some ugly dinner plates. That’s not the end of the world. So just buy them if you like them”. So having received the get go (and having called dad just to make sure my parents wouldn’t flip if I came home with a boat load of stuff) I bought the following items: 

5 breakfast and dinner plates (the 5th one is just in case one breaks). We decided to just go with 5, since we will be getting a different set of plates when we have visitors :).

 2 travel mugs (since they did not sell matching normal mugs). 

1 (very heavy and big) salad bowl, which can pretty much double as a fruit bowl as well.

Since they did not have matching small bowls I decided to go with 2 slightly different, yet still somewhat matching red bowls which have Mickeys face on them. Unfortunately, these have disappeared in a box, and I have no access to them at the moment and I could not locate a picture online.

As I was on a shopping spree anyway, I also bought some kitchen essentials, such as:

2 of these really cool trivets.

An adorable Minnie Mouse oven mit and potholder.

A whisk, potato cutter and bottle opener.

(This is just the bottle opener, but they all have the same design. Unfortunately I could not find a picture of the other two).

I also really couldn’t resist this beautiful sleeping beauty mug (it’s one of my two favourite Disney movies... and her dress is BLUE! As it is supposed to be... Not that horrid ugly pink she’s often depicted in).

After much deliberation I bought six wonderful long drink glasses on the day we left. They have Mickey’s silhouette in them surrounded by a sparkly texture, which has been blown into the glass. Unfortunately, as these have been stored away as well I have no picture of them.

As I was looking for pictures of the items I bought I just found out that they do sell matching regular mugs and tiny bowls through the Disneystore webshop, I might actually order those online. For those of you who are interested: this is a picture of all the items that they sell:

Of course I wouldn’t be me, if I did not also buy a Disney shirt whilst being there, but everyone will see that one when I wear it hahah ;).

On the third day of our Disney trip my best friend and I went to the Louvre... We did not know what hit us. o.o It was busy, it was warm and... that place is HUGE! We were only able to do a tiny part of the museum. You definitely need two whole days if you wish to see everything.

At the Louvre I could not help but buy a litho of this beautiful painting by Paul Delaroche entitled La Jeune Martyre (The Young Martyr).

 (It’s beautiful, dead and Victorian! Ok, ok, it’s French, but who cares? XD).

... After going through this post to add the pictures it now looks as if I spent a LOT of money. But please keep in mind that I got a 20%  discount on literally EVERYTHING I bought in Disney :).

Well I hope you guys enjoyed reading my very first Disney shopblog. :)