Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Packing, packing, packing

Dear reader,
Well I just finished packing. I am going to visit my aunt, since she is going to marry her girlfriend (yes they are lesbians). ^-^ I am going away for three days (coming back on Friday), so there won’t be any posts from me until then. I don’t think I will be able to get to a computer… knowing my aunts (yes two of my aunts live there) and nieces they will want my full attention hahaha. But that does make sense since we haven’t seen each other in about two years.

My boyfriend and I will be staying with one of my nieces. It will probably be really fun! My parents will be staying with the aunt who is the sister of the aunt that is getting married. Since it is going to be hot we are probably going to take a dip in the inflatable pool that they have in their backyard…. Which will be heaven for me, since heat and I don’t go together hahaha. In the evening we will be helping out with the preparations for the party after the wedding. My aunt is getting married early in the morning so the party will last from morning to night… After which I will probably be exhausted ^__^”. Not that I am such a party animal… XD I really am not.

Well I will write about all the exciting things that have happened as soon as I get back :D.
Take care and see you soon ;)


Desert said...

Yay!!! You go and have a looooot of fun :3 Congrats to your aunt! long live love ^^ I can't wait to hear of your adventures!!!