Saturday, 24 July 2010

The wedding!

Dear reader,
Well I’m back ;). I had a wonderful yet tiring couple of days. It really was quite a journey. All it all it took us about 3,5 hours by train and 15 mins by car to get there. At the station we were picked up by one of my aunts, Marian (the twin sister of the aunt that was getting married) and driven to her house. There we were welcomed by my aunt’s girlfriend, Rita, and my two nieces, Ilonka and Ragonda. Ilonka already has a child, which is about two years old by now. I had never met the little girl before, as I just did not have the time to go visit (which was a real pity). The little girl was just adorable! She just made me want to pick her up and cuddle her all the time  something which I did not do, since I thought that she probably would not like it; seeing that I was a complete stranger and all ^__^”. She did seem to take a liking to me, since she came to me all by herself. It took a while for her to warm up towards my boyfriend and parents though. I think that’s probably because I look a bit like my nieces; so it felt save or something. When we left later that evening she even came to me to ask for a goodbye kiss…. *squeal* so cute. I wish I could have brought her home with me hahaha.

Anyway, after taking a dip in the pool we went to Ragonda’s house. My boyfriend and I were staying there. My mom and dad stayed with aunt Marian. In the evening I went to visit my aunt Ellen, the aunt that was getting married. Boy she was nervous. But seeing that she is a bit of a control freak that was to be expected. My parents, my boyfriend and I helped the family of my aunts girlfriend (now wife) to decorate the front door. We put up loads of white balloons. ^__^” Blowing those up sure was a good training hahaha. As we got back Ilonka did my nails for me. She’s been experimenting with different styles for quite some time and she has gotten really good at it.

The next day we had to go to my aunt Ellen’s house fairly early in the morning: we had to wave them goodbye as they went to the city hall to get married. My aunt Ellen and her girlfriend looked absolutely beautiful! My aunt just looked about 10 years younger in that dress. Her hair was put up and decorated with pearls and some white roses…. It looked simply beautiful. I had to fight back my tears hahaha. My mom joined them as she was one of the witnesses. My nieces, my boyfriend and my father and I went to aunt Marian’s house. There Ilonka did my hair (which looked rather nice, if I do say so myself), after which we went to a different location where the party was held. The party started at 11 o’ clock. There we waited for the newlyweds to arrive. After their arrival the bridal cake was presented. This was a wedding gift from my parents. It was simply beautiful. On the top of the cake a little statue was placed of two white doves. It looked so romantic. The cake was decorated with little roses which are made of parzipan ( I will probably add some pictures of it later on ;) ). The party was really fun, however, it actually lasted a bit too long (from 11 am until 12 pm). We left at about 9 o’ clock pm, since my niece Ragonda, her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I were absolutely exhausted; the four of us had not gotten much sleep the other day.

Well the next day we helped to clean up the location and went back home… Again it took us about 3,5 hours by train. And now we are back home… I’m absolutely exhausted, but I have no time to rest yet. Why not? Well I have another job application interview with someone who is interested in taking over my position as treasurer of the student organization. ^__^” And when I come back in the afternoon I have to start packing again. More packing? Yes more packing. This sunday my boyfriend and I will be leaving for Brussels. From there we will travel to Fouesnant in France on Monday morning. It will take about 7 hours or so by train to get there… So yes; more train rides! My boyfriend doesn’t mind, since he really likes trains. So I will probably just observe him being all hyped up, because he’s going to sit in a type of train he has never been in… He can be so cute when he’s like that hahaha.
Well that’s it for now ;) I will probably post another entry tomorrow morning, just before taking off ;).




Ayaka said...

Wow, seems like you've been busy and had quite a bit off fun, I'm happy though. You guys are sure sweet. I wish I could of seen it, I bet it was more magical then words can say. Hehe, :3