Sunday, 25 July 2010

What a pretty bag!

Dear reader,

…. I just HAD to post an entry on this…. My boyfriend bought me this really really cool and totally awesome Alice in Wonderland bag:

Isn’t it neat? :D I am totaly in love with it hahahah. It’s from a brand that is called Baba Studio which is located in Prague. They ship internationally. I myself have not bought my bag directly from Baba Studio, but through a website called Redspective: this is located in Berlin and as a result, is a lot closer to Amsterdam ;). So the bag arrives earlier and the shipping costs are lower.

Babastudios sells bags with all types of prints on it (from Alice in Wonderland to the Little Mermaid to something more Gothic or even something called Bohemian cats; those are really awesome!). Also they have different types of bags such as laptop bags, but also purses etc. Mind you the bags are quite expensive but the quality of the bag is really good. My bag is nice and sturdy and although it doesn’t look that big for a messenger bag… you can fit the world in there O.o. Another plus is that you can turn the bag into a backpack :D. So if it gets too heavy for one shoulder you can just divide the weight! Like this:

Well that’s my hyper active entry for today ;). Again: I will be leaving for France today, so I won’t be posting for a week *sob*. Sorry guys! I post a full account of my journey up here.




Ayaka said...

Have fun in France! -smiles- by the way the bag is really nice, I really like it!