Sunday, 1 August 2010

The travel account of my visit to Bretagne: with pictures!

Dear reader,
Well I am finally back home :D! My boyfriend and I finally returned home yesterday. And as promised I will now give you guys a (not too detailed) account of our journey (…else I would probably end up writing 4 pages full). On Sunday July 25 my boyfriend and I left for Brussels. The next day we left for Brussels South at half past 8 (yes we had to get up at half past 6 x__x) to get the Thalys (high speed train) to Paris du Nord. Due to reasons unknown the train left 15 minutes later than it should have… and due to some problems with the signals we eventually arrived at Paris du Nord half an hour late. So my boyfriend and I literally had to run all the way to the subway to reach Montparnasse and from the subway to the train station, for we had to catch the TGV (another high speed train) to Brest. If I we had arrived one minute later than we did, we would not have been able to catch it. Finally, at about 3.35 PM we arrived at Landerneau, where we were picked up by my boyfriend’s father Robert and his sister Joske.

After settling in to the absolutely adorable little holiday let, we decided to go to the beach, which was a 5 minute drive away. After walking along the beach we decided to go back. I joined my boyfriend’s fathers wife Nieneke for a walk back to the holiday let. I took my phone with me just in case we would get lost. We were a bit uncertain if we were on the right track or not so we asked a nice French lady and she told us that we had taken the wrong way… she we walked back and took a different path… After having walked for quite some time and having no idea where we were we phoned Robert to ask him if he could pick us up. My boyfriend in the meantime was in a total state of panic, since we should have arrived at the let already. Well we arrived save and sound at the holiday let, so no harm was done. Later on we discovered that we had been about 100 meters from the let when we asked the French lady for directions… she had just sent us the wrong way!!!! Hahaha.

On Tuesday we left to visit a little place called Concarneau. There we spent some time wandering the local antique market, after which we visited the fort:

It looks pretty impressive eh? Although I have to admit that the clock tower does not look very authentic. As soon as you got through the gates you walked into a street with all types of little souvenir shops. Because the cottages there were a little old fashioned it looked really nice. Afterwards we visited a nearby beach in a place called Mousterlin. Both my boyfriend, Nieneke, Robert and Joske went for a dive in the extremely cold water. I just sat myself down on the beach, seeing that I burn easily and going out in the water would probably be the same as begging Apollo (the sun God) himself to burn my skin :P.
The next day we sent out to visit Carnac where they have a lot of menhir’s; which are large stones which are standing upright. These have particularly become famous through the cartoon figure of Obelix from Asterix and Obelix. Since Carnac is a popular site we had decided to visit it… However, none of us thought it was very impressive. Why people think of rows of stones that are standing upright in a meadow as fascinating, I will never know. To let my reader for an opinion for his or herself I will post a picture that I took (as prove that I had been there hahahha):

... yep this is all that there was to see... lots and lots of stones.

After this we went to a place called Vanne, which was really a beautiful city. Although it has lots of modern shops, the houses are often quite old. Also the old city centre is still surrounded by the original city walls; which were absolutely beautiful:

Beautiful isn't it? And it was surrounded by a beautiful garden.

On Thursday we visited a small medieval village at Locronan. There were a lot of cute little shops, which sold local products, such as biscuits (they are called macrons: Bretagne really is famous for them) but also Celtic articles such as bracelets, rings etc. and t-shirts. Although my boyfriend wasn’t very impressed I took quite a liking to the little village, so to anyone who is planning to go there: if you like cute old villages don’t miss out on this one!
Here is a picture of the cute little village.
Doesn't it look attractive?

Afterwards we went to a look-out point called Point du Van… The views there were simply amazing! Look at the pretty pictures!

After gazing at the beautiful scenery we left for a small town called L’abbe where we ate crêpes for dinner at a place called the four seasons. We could not possibly leave Bretagne without eating crêpes, since the place is famous for them. I had one with ham and cheese and one with chocolate sauce. Both were really tasty!

On Friday we left for Brussels (again 7 hours by train… ugh), and returned back home on Saturday. And now here I am, back behind my computer and updating my blog…. XD I’m so tired, but completely hyped up. Why you ask? Well because I just received the news that one of my best friends is pregnant! :D Yeayyyyyy! CONGRATS DEAR! And I won the second price in a picture editing contest: I won a plushy! And I love plushies… so another yeay!... AND (yes there is more) we renewed contact with friends of which we had not heard from for about a year… So BIG YEAYS all over the place today ahhaha.

Well that’s it for today. This is a really happy, hyper and yet exhausted Blacky signing off ;)


Ayaka said...

Thank you love, I am exited about my pregnancy as well. You are going to be an auntie! I'm glad you had a lot of fun in your trip, sorry that I have not kept up with your blog. I've been well... you know, busy, busy bee.