Friday, 16 July 2010

First entry!

Dear readers,

Time to celebrate the first post on this brand new blog. I think this is probably the third time that I am starting a new with a blog, but this time I am really planning on keeping it alive. In the past I have probably just been a tad to serious when it came to posting... I only wanted to post when I had something really really important to tell... ^__^" Which meant I did not post very often, since most of my time was taken up by school and work. This time, however, I am going to do things differently. After summer I will probably still dedicated most of my time to school... However, I have found the perfect sulotion. I have discovered a site which is called Plinky, which gives you a new topics to discuss on your blog everyday. So, if I don't have anything to post, why not challenge myself a bit and try to answer the question which is posted... and do some soul searching or something? hahaha. Or I might just discuss some of the novels that I will be reading... or a movie that I have seen.. Random stuff like most people do :P.

So that's it for the introduction post :D. More will follow reaaaalll soon.




Ayaka said...

Owo awesome, I'll be sure to check this every day then. I will love to see what you are watching/reading =P as well as what other things chu put up :3

Zero said...

Very spiffy page blog you got here... Hummmm I think we could link you on that way you get a larger audience.