Saturday, 17 July 2010

New stuff.... and LOTS OF CUTENESS!!!

Dear readers,

Yeay second post! Well today I spent on searching for things to add on the blog. As you can see there is now a calendar and a counter in the right-hand column. I had quite  a struggle with the calendar, since I had to find the right code and to get everything to work... but viola ;) C'est fini!

Also I added a toybox filled with some cute adoptables that I encountered whilst browsing the net for ideas.... Aren't they just the cutest? I really am a cuteness addict, so I am a TOTAL sucker for things like that. It reminded me that I once also tried my hand at making pixels. So I browsed through some of the maps on my computer and... I found them! For a first time they turned out pretty nicely (if I do say so myself). And I just realised that they are perfect for emotion icons... :D which I will be using them for from this blogpost onwards. Look at all the cuteness:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket <-- lol I even made a really hyped up onigiri... Maybe it's core is coffee?

As we are on the topic of cuteness anyway.... I just noticed that one of the sites which I check regularly for cute home-made stuffles has posted an update :D. The site is called Sugar Bunny Shop and it has cuteness galore! :D I have bought several things there myself, such as the cutest bag ever:
The character on the bag is called Ponwan (squeal, even the name is cute) and I totally HAD to have the bag once I saw it. It's a pity that the strap is a bit short for me, so I can only wear it when I do not have to take a lot of things with me (seeing that it would be very uncomfortable) *snif*. But it's still good to have!
And of course... once I bought the bag I had to buy one of the matching Ponwan buttons and a matching phonestrap:

... And while I was at it I also bought the Puddle Bunny phonestrap which they no longer sell, so I don't have a picture of that at the ready. Photobucket So I bought it at just the right time. It's a puddle bunny (which is just a cute type of bunny) which is dangling off a leaf.
I really am doubting if I should buy one of the puddle bunny plushies... because they are just too darn cute:
... Maybe I will ask this for my birthday... Isn't it adorable? *squeal*

lol I know of lots of other online stores which sell cute stuff (including Disney and Cherished teddies)... but I will leave all that for a different post lol. There's already far to much cuteness in the air.

Well this is a a very hyped up (--> like this Photobucket) Blacky singing off!


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Wow, everything is soooo~ cute. I just love the icons that you've made, they are just too cute! Hehehe, something like so for your b-day hmmm *w*