Sunday, 18 July 2010

Time for a small celebration

Dear readers,

Well today it is time for a small celebration. My boyfriend and I have now officially been together for 3,5 years. And what a 3,5 years it were.
We met over the internet. An ex-colleague of mine had given him my e-mail address, saying that I was far better at dealing with people who were a bit depressed because they were 'lonely'. At the time I was actually helping a lot of people with their problems, so I just thought 'oh well, one more, what the heck' hahah. I was surprised when he added me though, since he had the same last name as one of my teachers at the time. Apparently, she was his aunt hahaha. After talking to him for about 3 months we decided to meet up... Mainly, because I was looking for a victim to drag along to see the movie Happy Feet. And since he volunteered.... hahhaa. There was just one problem: how was I to recognise him. He did say that I would recognise him by a red rose, but I thought that he was just making a joke. However, there he stood looking all cute with a red rose in his hands.... I am weak against those types of attacks hahaha. Yet, at the time I did not actually realize that I was on a date... After all, we were going to see happy feet (not exactly a movie you would go see on a date).

The second time we met, however, (which was at my house to watch a movie) I fully realized that he liked me (since he had told me so on msn) and that it was a date... I have never been that nervous in my entire life. I did not know where to look, what to say or how to behave. He was sitting next to me on the couch and was holding my hand... And I was sitting right next to him... as stiff as a board hahaha. And then we had what some people would call 'a moment'; however, I did not notice we were having one... So I just turned my head away and received a peg on the cheek (which I thought was something awfully cute). As we were talking on msn he complimented me on nicely saving the situation.... I really had no idea what he was talking about. It turned out that he wanted to kiss me on the lips, but that I turned away since I had not noticed. And when I brought him to the bus stop, I looked around to wave at him, but he did not look back... In the same msn conversation he accused me of not looking back. Apparently, we had not timed our 'looking backs' properly hahaha. ^__^" So yea, the second date was a almost total disaster.

The third date went a lot better though: I had my first kiss with a nice storm raging on the background (which sure made it special).... However, at the exact moment that he kissed me, his father called to tell him about the results of the x-rays of their cat! hahha. Well that was one of those classic movie moments, which you would normally deem as very unrealistic. At least know we know that those things actually do happen!
And all that was already 3,5 years ago (can you believe it?).

Since then lots of things have happened. The year I met him I was still in college doing the English teacher course (which I did for about a year), after which I went to university to study English there. :D And this year... I finally graduated (well it's not official yet, since I do not yet have my grade for my BA-thesis, but still).
For my boyfriend, things have not gone that smoothly. He dropped out of political studies (which he was doing at university), then also did the English teacher course which I had been doing... However, after two years he had to give up. He had failure anxiety, which made it very hard on him. After trying a few different jobs, he's currently working as a tram conductor. Also he had rented a room from a woman... but she got evicted! And so did he! that definitely was a stressful time, since we had to get his stuff out of that house a.s.a.p. Thankfully his sister allowed him to stay with her. He is still staying with her as I am writing it, since he has not yet been able to find a different room to rent. So the poor guy has had a rough couple of years, but things are starting to look up a little.


Ayaka said...

The cuttiest way to figure out how you and your hunny got together :3 you guys are just cute. I am sorry to hear that things wen a bit screwy with him. I am very glad that you are doing well though, I know how school can get :3

Fav part : "his father called to tell him about the results of the x-rays of their cat! hahha" =P

Blackcat said...

Glad you liked it... ^__^" Yeah he is my first boyfriend so everything was just new to me. XD

.. the poor kitty wasn't doing so well. It died a couple of weeks later *sob*.