Thursday, 19 August 2010

Role playing!

Dear reader,

Well today I would like to talk to you about Role Playing. At the beginning of the vacation I decided to join a forum called Desert Anime of which a good friend of mine (who lives in America) is the moderator. In the past I joined several non-RP forums, but often did not visit it for over a month. Somehow I always felt like I did not fit in or something… I am not too sure why. But I do not have this problem with my friend’s RP forum AT ALL. Everyone is really friendly. They were kind enough the help me out in the beginning, since I had never RP-ed before. But I am definitely getting the hang of it. I have also started to edit the fan fiction of one of the characters on the forum called Samir. The owner of that character has dyslexia, so she asked if someone could edit her stories. I volunteered, because I could most of the time make out what she was trying to say. :D Also, she is really good at writing, so it really is a pleasure. The same person made a Chibi drawing of my characters along with some of the other characters that we are/were often chatting with.

Top left: clover, Top right: Madeline (my character!)
Lower left: Samir with his pet cat Babbit, Lower right Nyuriel (half cat/ half human)
Isn’t mine cute? It does the; omg, it’s so quite *squeal* pose :D. I guess I made my character a bit too much like me in some aspects hahaha.

The forum is a cross over between anime and Wonderland characters. I created a character for myself that was born in the real world, but ended up in Wonderland. It is really fun to see how your character would act in different types of situations. My character has almost developed a split personality when it comes to fighting. Whereas she is always very kind and sweet to those around her, her personality just changes 100% when faced with a threat or a challenge. She becomes quite cynical and daring and does not let her feelings get the better of her. This ‘split personality’ might best be described as a self-defense mechanism. You see, ever since she was small people were trying to abduct or kill her, so in order to protect herself she had to take up sword fighting. Kind hearted as she is, the only way to kill her attackers without going mad, was to turn off most of her emotions whilst fighting.
But I guess it is that part of her personality that makes her interesting and that provides her with some depth.

So for the people who are interested, this is her profile and background story.

Name: Madeline Taylor
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Neo-Tokyo
Current Residence: Neo-Tokyo.
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7
Body Type: Slim
Eye Color: Soft blue
Hair color: Light brown.
Skin Color: As white as snow.
Orientation: Straight
Martial Status: Single.
Likes: Singing and acting.
Dislikes: People who are only looking after their own welfare and people who are solely after money.
Personal Characteristics: A very kind hearted girl, who values life, but who was had to learn to handle a sword as a means of self-defence. She greatly cherishes her friends and will do anything to protect them.
Personal Attire: Depends on the occasion.
Abilities: Very skilled swordfighter.
Weapon of Choice: Sword.

Madeline is the daughter of the head of the Taylor-group, which owns almost all the banks in Neo-Tokyo. As they control most of the economy, this group has made a lot of enemies, especially the Oshida-group. And what better way to hurt a man than to kidnap his daughter? A lot of henchmen hired by the Oshida-group tried to kidnap Madeline ever since she was young. Having lost many people dear to her who tried to protect, Madeline resolved to take matters into her own hand and took up sword fighting as a means of self-defence. Now-a-days she has become a very skilled sword fighter.

However, one dreadful night everything went wrong. While she was strolling along the house, feeling quite save as the new security installation was top-notch (yet she had still brought her sword with her just in case), she was attacked from behind by a group of henchmen, who drugged her and kidnapped her. Apparently the head of the security company had been bribed by the Oshida-group, and gave them all the security codes. Madeline’s father immediately called the police, who quickly traced the group of henchmen who were hiding in a cottage near the forest. As they heard the police approach they fled into the forest. Realising that they could not possibly get away, they decided to get rid of the evidence... They dumped the still unconscious Madeline in a hole in the ground, throwing her sword after her (only because had no choice: the sword carried the emblem of the Taylor-group and had especially been manufactured for Madeline). The hole that they dumped her in appeared to be a rabbit hole....
After a small struggle with getting a small door to open, which lead to a garden, Madeline is now walking through a world which is completely new to her in search of someone or something that might help her return home. However, there is one small problem: whilst falling through the rabbit hole she hit her head and now she cannot remember where her home was, or what it was like.

Well that’s it for today’s entry... Make sure to join us at the Desert Anime forum :D! The more the merrier.




Ayaka said...

I love the way you rp :D helps the story out a lot, I am getting into it again. So I am looking forward to rping with you again. Hey maybe your finance would like to join in the fun too! ;D