Sunday, 22 August 2010

What I expect my life to be like in 10 years.

Dear reader,

I apologise for not posting the past two days, but I have been rather busy with taking care of things for the student organization and I have not really been myself. But I will not bore you with that. Oh and yeay this is my 25 post! Whoot things are going great this time :D. I'm actually pretty proud of keeping up so well with the posting (ok I did mess up the past two days, but hey, I'm just a beginner ;)). Well on with what I wanted to write about.

As I was watching a Youtube video I remembered that when I last met with a group of my secondary school friends we asked each other the question ‘What do you think your life will be like in ten years?’ We had already answered that question half a year ago and the changes in the answers were really quite amazing. Keeping this in mind, I decided to contribute a post to answering this question, so I can come back again to it within half a year or maybe a year to see if my perspectives have changed.

Well, what do I think my life will be like… By then I will be 31 years old (which really isn’t that old hahah). I will hopefully be working at a publisher as an editor. I hope that I will be able to combine that with writing papers on Victorian literature and culture. After all, that’s why I am doing the master Literary Studies. I really hope that I will be able to combine that since I love reading and doing research and writing about it. Just give me some books to read and an interesting assignment and I will feel like a fish in the water hahaha. At the same time I will somehow find time to help out my best friend with the store that we are going to open. It will be an old fashioned looking candy store combined with a gift shop. Sounds great eh? :D We have been thinking of doing this for about three years now. I will probably be responsible for the finances and such. XD Boy I am sure going to be busy.
Also I will probably be renting an apartment with my husband. :P Yes I hope that I will be married by then. Or at least, I should hope my boyfriend has asked me by then lol. It’s not like I’m planning on waiting for ever. I probably won’t have a child… I am not sure if I actually want kids. Pregnancy seems like a drag and although kids are cute and sweet and all… they can drive a person crazy. Also, another maybe more important reason is that I am not sure if I would want my child do grow up the world that we have today. Society gets worse and worse every day. I really would prefer my child to grow up in a more save surrounding. Moreover, I suppose that I find the responsibility that comes with raising a child rather frightening. The feeling that if make one wrong decision this might have a huge impact on the child, really scares me. What if you mess up? So, either way, I am not ready for kids yet and I don’t really see how that would change completely in 10 years time.
But most of all, I hope that my partner and I are happy. It is really important to me if the person I am with is happy. And I have promised my boyfriend that I would do (almost) anything to make him happy. :D So by that time I hope I will have succeeded big time hahaha.

Well so much for how I see my future :D. I hope it has been interesting to read… If you would like, then please tell me what you think your future will be like :D.




Ayaka said...

Hehe, I liked this. You know, I was afraid of that too... the whole pregnancy thing and though being pregnant does seem to have many downs the ups surely over right all of the other feelings I know I at times complain about it but it is just because I need to get it out so that I can concentrate on something more important.

Our parents and the parents of our parents probably had the same thoughts us we do now. How could I bring my child into a horrible world. Looking at history there was never a right time to raise a child. The right time has to be decided by the heart or by chance.

I am happy I am pregnant even if this world is so messed up, the child will grow up fallowing not only you but everyone around him. So the best thing is to just take everything one step at a time.

As for marriage and proposal well, you've already got that part covered the engagement anyway. I am quite exited that life has brought you this far :3 you deserve to be happy -nod-