Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Sorcerer´s Apprentice

Dear reader,

Again two days have passed without a post… This time, however, I have a very good reason for it. Namely, I have been very busy. On Monday I went to the movies with a friend, and later on my mother’s cousin came to visit. Yesterday we went to meet really good friends of the family, whom we hadn’t seen for about a year. So yeah, busy, busy, busy.

Well as I said on Monday I met up with a good friend of mine to see a movie. We went to the new Disney movie The Sorcerer´s apprentice. I had expected the movie to be rather predictable, just another ‘boy saves the world with magic’ feel good movie. I could not have been more wrong. The plot behind the movie was surprising and the dialogue at times was funny.

The movie is centered around the battle between Merlin and Morgana Le Fay. Apparently, Merlin had three students Baltazar (played by Nicolas Cage), Horvath and Veronica. Baltazar and Horvath both fell in love with Veronica. As Veronica chose Baltazar, Horvath decided to join Morgana in order to get his revenge. With the help of Horvath Morgana was able to kill Merlin. In an attempt to save the world (Morgana wants to resurrect every Morganian that ever lived in order to take over the world) merges her own soul with that of Morgana. Unfortunately Morgana is to strong and Baltazar feels himself forced to look both women up in what very much looks like a Matryoska doll (the Rusian doll that has another doll inside of it), which is called a Grimhold. With his dying breath Merlin tells Baltazar that only the prime Merlinian can defeat Morgana and gives him his dragon ring, which will point him the way to this Merlinian. And so Baltazar sets out to find this prime Merlinian, locking the Morganians that try to stop him in the Grimhold as well. And then he meets the young Dave Stutler… a young boy who is just experiencing what it is like to have a crush on someone.
Well, seeing that I want to encourage people to actually watch the movie, rather than spoil everything, my explanation of the story will stop here. If you want to know what the rest of the movie is about, then go to the movie theatre and watch it!
I just want to say one more thing about it: I think that the choice of casting Jay Baruchel for the role of Dave Stutler was simply refreshing. For years Disney and other big movie companies have casted good looking, and rather cool actors to play the part of “the nerd that saved the day” (though they only do this if the nerd is the hero of the movie). This time, however, they have actually casted someone that looks, walks, talks as a nerd…. i.e. someone who IS a nerd. This made the character come across as genuinely nerdy, and therefore far more realistic than if they had cast a good looking guy to do the job. Also, this character does not lose his nerdiness throughout the movie. Okay, he does gain self-confidence and he gets the girl… but he is still a nerd at the end of the story. Which I thought was a bit of a relieve. Saving the world can’t possibly change a guy that much, right? Lol.

Balthazar and Dave (Mr. Nerd!)

So this movie is absolutely a must see!!!... Unless you hate nerds… Or unless cannot stand to see an Arthurian legend abused. Yep, Disney did it once again guys: they took an existing story and changed it for their own benefit. But once again… I have to forgive them for it, because the end result (as almost always) was definitely worth it.



Ps. No I have nothing against nerds... :P I am one of them myself (although I have never been gooed with pysics and maths) hahaha.


Alexandra said...

I LOVE this movie <.< wanted to buy it in blue ray just never got around to it. lol I'm a nerd <.<;; I am good at Math a little shaky on the physics though :P