Saturday, 4 September 2010

On lots of things!

Dear reader,

Sorry for not posting or a while. I have been insanely busy the past few days. So… this post will pretty much be a summary of the things I have been doing hahaha.
Tuesday I had a meeting with the other board members of the student organization on the booksale which we will be holding next week. Subsequently, I had an introduction of the new Masters that I will be taking. I was really pumped up after this. The other students look really friendly and the teacher announced that he will take our background and interests into account whilst determining the schedule for the course that he will be teaching.... So I am totally looking forward to that.
On Wednesday was the second day of my internship. Everything went a lot more smoothly then on Monday and my supervisor really gave me a lot of chores to do. Next Monday morning I will be all by myself. So basically… I will be flying solo…. Which I think is pretty scary considering the fact that it will only be my third day. Well my supervisor clearly has a lot of trust in me ^__^”. So yeah tomorrow I will probably be really nervous hahaha.

As for Thursday: a member of the student organization helped me to check the records and Financial States, so that is all taken care of. Also, we received the books for the booksale. I could not fully help everyone out since I had a prior appointment, but the other board members were kind enough to take care of it.
Yesterday I went to what is called the Boekenfestijn (in English: the bookfestivity), which is old in several convernencehalls all over the Netherlands. A lot of books which are deemed redundant by some publishers or stores, or with which there is something wrong (like the pages stick together etc.) are sold there. I go there every year, since the books are really cheap and I can often find books which I will need for my studies.

This year I bought:
Frankenstein by Shelly
Vanity Fair by Thackery
The Three Musketeers by Dumas
Dracula the un-dead by Stoker (a sequel to Dracula written by the great grandson or something of Bram Stoker)
Three Theban Plays by Sophocles
Portrait of a Lady by Henry James
Treasure Island by Stevenson
Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë
Oh and a manga: Metamo Kiss volume 2 (I already have vol. 1)… Yes they also sell manga’s! :D.

As you see most of the books here are Victorian novels (which can be found on my ‘to be read’ list). So I will have a lot of reading to do (that is: if my homework allows me to).
Most of the books like Frankenstein and Vanity Fair only cost me €2,- (as did the manga). Only the Theban Plays and the sequel to Dracula cost me more. So yes: the books are really very cheap and I always advice people who study English to go there to buy their literature books.

As for today: It’s I my BIRTHDAY! Yeay! :D I got a lot of presents from friends already. In the afternoon I will be going to the movies with mum, dad and my bf. We are going to see The Karate Kid, with Jacky Chan. After the movie we will be going out to dinner at an Italian restaurant. :D So it is going to be a fun day!

Well that’s it for now. I had better get back to my homework…. Yes I am actually doing homework on my b-day…. *sob* stupid teachers!!!




Ayaka said...

Hehe, that's just our luck, hey maybe this year it won't be that bad... <.<;; I can hope right? T_T our birthdays seem to be situated just right with the work load of school don't they?

Although at times I am lucky and my birthday falls on the workers day here >.<

I am happy you had a wonderful birthday however even if you had to do homework that day >.<