Monday, 27 September 2010

Quick update

Dear reader,

No I have not died yet... Almost did, but not quite lol.
I have not been able to update my blog at all for the past four weeks, since they have been absolute hell. I am even typing this in my break at my internship... Could not have got round to it other wise.

So what has been going on? My teachers have just been building moutains of homework for me, and some of the texts are just insanely difficult. I find myself wondering what on earth posessed me to take a subject with Cultural Analyses... Though it's not just me. Some of the students that already have their Bachelors degree in Cultural Analyses are struggling even more than I am.

Well next to that I still have my intership for which I sometimes need to do reading assignments at home. Also I have taken up the job of typing out an interview for a renounced Dutch literary magazine. The interview lasts for 6 hours and it really is a hell of a job. So I am pretty much struggling to keep up with the workload and sometimes it is even difficult to keep up with my e-mails... Not that I get that many, but that just goes to show.

Also I still have the work for the student organization on my hands. The booksale which we held was quite a success, but this also means more work for me since my financial administration is now out dated and a bit of a mess. So yeah I have to review the financial statements that I made prior to the booksales... But after the general membership meeting on (I believe) october 15, then I will be a free woman again with regard to the organization ahhaha.

Either way, I am expecting things to calm down shortly, seeing that the interview will be finished next week (or so I hope) and that my role as treasurer is coming to an end. By next week I hope that I have been able to adapt to the rythm of having to go to school and interinship, so that I can find time to update regularly again. Yes I am really planning on doing so! If everything else fails I will just have to wait until week 8... Then I will have rounded off the Cultural Analyses subject... meaning that I will have extra time for sure! Yeay \(^-^)/.

So please do not give up on me yet!

Love from an insanely busy,



Ayaka said...

O_o;; just re-reading this made me tired (I have a head ache right now lol) So much work so little you and you still mange to do most of everything... did I mention before that you were amazing? Because you are >.<

Blackcat said...

Hahaha not that amazing. XD Just good at managing stuff I guess? ^__^"