Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My resolutions for 2011

I usually never make resolutions for the New Year… But this year I am actually going to do it since there are a few things that I really really want to change about myself. So here goes: my (what became quite a long) list of resolutions for 2011.

1. To make people smile; to make them happy. This one I am always thinking off. People often say: but to make someone smile isn’t quite enough now is it? It’s not the same as making someone happy. I beg to differ on this point, for whenever someone shows you a genuine smile, they, at that point experience one moment of pure happiness. Even if it lasts only for a second, it’s still more than worth the effort.  

2. To become more independent. I really am daddies little girl… Can’t do without my parents for a day without getting lonely. I usually drag my dad all over the city if I want to go somewhere… ^__^” Ever since I was a child I have had a lot of attention from my parents hahaha. My dad even makes my sandwiches before I go to school (not because I can’t do it myself… but because it has always been like that and…  I like to be spoiled hahah) Yes, I am a spoiled little brat… So that’s why I really think it’s time for me to become more independent. My parents are getting older and I should really start helping them out. I can’t expect mommy and daddy to always take care of me now can I ;).

3. To learn how to cook (yep 2 and 3 are closely related hahahah). All I can make are omelets and pancakes (though I really make some mean pancakes if I do say so myself lol)… about high time that I learn how to cook other things as well ahahha.

4. To find myself another job. Today my internship officially ended: last week was my final workday and today I had a job evaluation with my supervisor. He praised me for the fact that I learn really fast and that I was really good with the technical aspects of the job (computer programs…. Bring it on! No problem AT ALL lol). Also I got praised for my work speed… Though the disadvantage of that was that I often ended up making mistakes. This, however, was also the result of me wanting to do the job perfectly; what happens if I go into ‘perfectionist mode’ is that I sometimes tend to focus completely on one of my flaws and then overlook the others. This really is something I need to work on.
Through this internship I discovered that the publisher/editor Master which I wanted to do after Literary Studies is not for me. I still make too many mistakes and I simply do not read fast enough. Truth be told, I was already afraid of that and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to do this internship: to gain experience and to see if I could pull it off. Thus I am really happy that I have done this internship, so I will not start a Master and discover midway that I am unable to cope. I have been thinking about this for two months now, so it wasn’t really a shock when my supervisor told me (after I told him that I would probably not do the master) that it probably was the best thing not too (he had done it himself and also really struggled with it). It’s better to be honest with yourself then to do something even though you know you can’t ;). So… this calls for a change of plans. Which brings me to the next point:  

5. To seriously consider going abroad for half a year. I know that some people will be quite shocked about this…. Even I am ahahha. I am little miss totally dependent of her parents… and really never even considered going abroad…. But I am seriously considering it right now. Since I have to change my ‘career plan’ *ahem*, I decided that I would go for my PHD. My thesis supervisor, however, told me last year that you make a much better change to be hired for such a position if you have actually studied abroad. So that is why I am thinking about it… If I go abroad I will have to do this during the first semester of next year. So I really do need to make up my mind quickly. This also probably explains why I want to become more independent hahaha. I do have a back-up plan in mind though. If I do not get hired for my PHD I am thinking of doing a Master in Translation. I have always liked doing translations… so why not? Though I will seriously be giving it my all to get hired for my PHD… Which means keeping up my grade average as well. You have to have good grades so that they can actually see that you are a good student.

6. To become the best girlfriend ever and  have a wonderful time with my boyfriend. I need to open up a bit more. I am one of those people who does not talk about her emotions that freely. I do talk about bad things that happen, though only in a rather distant manner. This is something I really need to work on and something I really am working on. Also if something is bothering me, I should just come out and say in, instead of keeping it all bottled up inside like I used to do. It’s not good to do something like that in a relationship…. So yeah; lots of work to do there ;).

7. To start taking singing lessons. I have wanted to do so for six years… so I thought it is about time that I started doing it. There is not one day that goes by without me singing. It has always been a way of expressing myself. I am probably going to have a bit more time next semester, so I thought I could probably manage to sing for about 1 or 2 hours a week.

8. To read more on the Victorian Era; preferably by reading 100 pages a week (next to my normal schoolwork). This in preparation for my Master thesis as well as my PHD. Yes I am planning on doing a PHD which is related to the Victorian Era… since that is my field of expertise as well as the literary era that I am most interested in.

9. To post a lot of blog entries. I really like writing, especially for this blog and it helps me to develop my English even further. S

Well… that turned out to be one hell of a list hahaha. I am asking a lot of myself, but these are just things that I really want to change. So change there will be!!!
To my friends: please guide me through the next year as well. Thanks for always supporting me and being there for me. Although I don’t usually knock on your door when something it’s bothering me, the idea that I can actually go to someone to talk about it really gives me strength.




Ayaka said...

So far I think so good, on most of the stuff. Though you have a wonderful sining voice already. Owo you'll become a star once you being to work on this resolution. As for the cooking :3 I want to know how that goes, make sure to take a picture of the first meal you cooked on your own neh~! :3

Blackcat said...

Hahaha now let's not over do it :P. Besides, I am not aiming to become a star... to much publicity; no thanks :P hihi.
:D I will make sure to make a picture of something that turns out well :P haha!