Sunday, 26 December 2010

Why I love Christmas so much....

Dear readers,

I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas! :D I hope you will have a wonderful time with your family and friends this weekend!

This post will be on what I like so much about Christmas. I find that people sometimes do not understand what I can be so hyped up about during this time of year. So I decided to make a small list, just because I myself never really thought about the answer.

So… what do I like about Christmas (in random order):
1. Being comfy and cosy at home with my loved ones and just having fun; either by playing a game or watching a movie. 
2. Christmas movies. I really really absolutely love the  classic Christmas movies like White Christmas who just have that magical feel to it and a happy ending. I get the same feeling from the first Santa Claus movie by Disney. It just seems to breath warmth, hope and magic. 
3. Which brings me to the third topic: it’s a magical time. Even if you are a grown up you can just let yourself go for just a short while and just believe a little bit of the magic so strongly connected to this season… This can be in the form of losing yourself in one of the Christmas movies and seeing yourself riding beside Santa in his sleigh, delivering packages all over the world and seeing the beautiful smiles on childrens’ faces, or in the form of “hope” or “faith”. For, after all, even to those who are not religious, Christmas is the season of hope. Some people hope for peace on earth or just for their beloved son, daughter, husband or boyfriend to return home safely; others hope that they will be able to celebrate Christmas in the way they have been doing for a long, long time; or they hope that their lover will be able to be with them for Christmas; again others hope to receive a lot of Christmas cards; and children (and some adults) hope that they will get that one much wanted present on the top of their list. I myself am one of those people who hopes to celebrate Christmas with my family and boyfriend in the way in which we have been doing it for a very long time. 
4. Christmas songs. I am an absolute Christmas song addict. I sometimes have Christmas songs in my head in June hahaha. I love these songs because they are often so happy and joyful. Just listening to them makes my happy. They are simple, yet beautiful and sometimes really seem to capture the feeling which I get when it’s Christmas.
So here’s a little treat for you guys. The Christmas Song sung by Josh Groban (by far the most awesome version out there).

5. The presents. For me it’s not so much about receiving them, than it is about giving them. I sometimes starting thinking up stuff I could give my friends in June (yes that has actually happened before). I always try to find everyone the perfect present. I just love to see the reactions when they open the parcel and go like; OMG! That’s soooo cool! Or: how pretty!!!!! The presents don’t have to be expensive; as long as it is something which they genuinely love. Recently, mum has developed a tendency to start crying whenever she opens one of my parcels, because she really loves the things I give her. She loves puzzles, so I bought her a Christmas themed Disney puzzle when I was in Disneyland. Never seen her that happy with a puzzle. So yeah; the reactions are really really really worth it. That’s definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas.

6. The Christmas tree. What can be more Christmasy than the Christmas tree! I always really look forward to buying it and decorating it. Especially since the past few years, because I have gathered quite a lot of Disney ornaments: so many that they fill up the tree entirely. And as promised I would post up some pictures of the tree. I have made separate pictures of some of my favourite ornaments. I hope you like them too ;)
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.....

With this little one it all started. I bought this one in Disneyland in 2007.

This one is actually a rather large bell... How cool is that? 

There's a switch underneath which makes her wings change colour :D. Awsome ne?
Perfect match with the tree topper... Isn't she beautiful? 
Who wouldn't love this Christmas package? ;) 
Doesn't Niko look adorable? 
Tinkerbell is holding her little firefly friend from 
the second Tinkerbell movie ;).

So that about sums up why I love Christmas so much. ;) I hope that people will now be able to understand my Christmas hyperness and addiction a bit more hahaha.



Ayaka said...

Colorful! I love it!

Yup, this is why I love Christmas too :3 a magical time of the year.