Thursday, 23 December 2010

Boyfriend and Disney ;)

Dear reader,

I know I promised to write a post on my adventures in Disney…. but I have a lot to tell right now, so that will have to wait for the next post (or 2). ;) But don’t worry: it will come. This post will be Disney related though :D!!

First of all: I now officially have a boyfriend. My mom finally gave way!!! The date on which this happened was the 17th of December (yes Friday last week). As such we also decided to just take that date as the ‘official’ starting point of our relationship. So yeah, I am really really really happy right now. It really doesn’t feel like I have only had contact with him again for about 2 months. With everyday we are getting to know each other more and more and we seem to really understand each other. I for example now don’t just get a ‘you still girl’ smile when I start rambling about Disney, or do I have to explain every time which princess was which, but he really seems to go going along with it. He even downloaded Disney movies on his computer. ^^ So that should be really really really fun!
Last week I went with him to the Disney store in Rotterdam in order to buy my father and my best friend a Christmas present. And of course I did not leave the store without buying something myself. I ended up buying a Mickey and Minnie Christmas plate. I already bought a Mickey Christmas plate last year, which featured Mickey as Santa… So yeah it looks like I will be collecting a set of different Disney Christmas plates hahaha.

My new plate looks like this:
Isn’t it cool? :D Was tempted to buy four of them... But I will go for four different plates I guess hahaha.

Yesterday we went back there again…. Because my boyfriend (… iek I can now use that term!) wanted to buy himself a plushy that he had seen there. It was a plushy of Sulley from Monsters Inc. who was holding Mike… It really looked incredibly adorable… And it was sooooo fluffy!  Luckily the plushy wasn’t sold out yet, so he was able to purchase it. XD Almost bought something again, but refrained from doing so.

Afterwards we returned to Amsterdam since I had to buy a part of my best friends present. She tried to guess what it was, but she still has no idea… Lmao it was soo funny to hear her guessing. After that we were planning on going to Tangled, but unfortunately the ticket system at the Cinema had given up the ghosts, so instead we decided to go to his place. We still had a wonderful time together… Being able to be near him is enough for me to have a good time really.

So for today it is back to homework and trying to work on my best friends Christmas present :D.

I will make sure to post up another update before Christmas… which will be all about my Disney Christmas tree :P hahaha.




Ayaka said...

Sooo, happy you have been having such a fun time with your now fiancée!

I am having fun re-reading some of this post too :P