Thursday, 27 January 2011

Essay and dance competition.

Dear readers,

Just a short entry this time for nothing much as happened over the past week. I have been extremely busy with writing an essay for an oral exam which I will be having tomorrow (Friday the 28th). It was quite a lot of fun to work on that essay, since the topic was Disney. Now I sincerely doubt it that me teacher knows more about Disney than I do (if he does… he would be even weirder than I already thing he is lol), so I should be pretty save on Friday. If you would like to know more about this essay than let me know and I will try to give you some sort of summary.

Last Sunday my fiancé and I went to a dancing competition of a dear friend of mine. She and her fiancé have been dancing for quite some time and have been entering competitions together for about half a year now. This competition was a regional one. They make a wonderful couple, both in real life and on the dance floor.
I had never been to a dancing competition before so I did not really know what to expect. The competition had been divided into four different levels. Each level danced the same ballroom dances (English waltz, Quick step and Tango), though the difficulty of the dance (of course) depended heavily on their level. It was quite fun to watch and it made me realize just how much I liked to dance myself. Yes, I actually did style dancing for half a year, after which I had to quit, because I got too busy with school. Even my fiancé noticed hahaha. But yeah, I would love to go and watch them dance again! ^^ Maybe next time I will also be able to see them do the Latin dances (Rumba, Chachacha and Salsa, if I am correct).

Well that is it for now. Today’s planning consists of doing some prep work for the oral exam and probably doing some reading in advance! <-- Yes I am back in my workaholic mode hahaha.



Ayaka said...

You will do great I know you will, it is awesome that you got to go see your friends dance :3 sure makes your body move if you know what I mean lol <3

Blackcat said...

Hahahha I know what you mean! XD Really really miss it.

And thanks for always having faith in me and supporting me! :D