Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I am engaged!! WHOOT! ^^

Dear readers,

Yes this is an entire post on my ENGAGEMENT!!!!! (Somehow I can’t get enough of that word right now lol). I am expecting this to be the most read blogpost so far hahaha. Though probably also the most hyped up one (yes I am extremely hyper at this moment).

Well I won’t beat around the busy and just tell everyone the entire story. As everyone knows (and if you don’t know: please see a previous blogpost) we went to pick out some rings and actually ended up buying them. I knew that my boyfriend was going to propose on the 17th, but I had no idea how, where etc. On Sunday (the 16th) he told me he had made some arrangements for the evening. I was really excited and was really wondering what he had planned. Eventually we left his house at around 11 o’clock… Which made me really curious as to what we were going to do. He eventually told me it would be some kind of ‘game’ that we were going to play which involved solving puzzles and doing ‘tasks’. So basically: I still had no idea where we were going. After having taken the subway and then walking for a while, he called a friend who told him that ‘the game was cancelled’, so we turned around and walked back along the waterside. He suggested to walk through a nearby park and eventually took me to a really really beautiful viewpoint along the waterside from where you could see a beautifully lit city in the distance. It was sooo beautiful and with the almost full moon it was really romantic. It was now 12 o’clock midnight and technically it was now the 17th. At first I did not completely comprehend what was going on, as he started to apologize for not being able to write a good poem to go with the occasion (he tried to write a poem… how cute is that??!!!!) and then he gave me a blue rose and got down on one knee and proposed!!!!! Well it did not take long before I could come up with an answer; of course I said ‘yes’ immediately! :D

As we walked home, my fiancé (… <3) called his mother in Surinam to tell the news. She was a bit disappointed since she could not be there, but really happy for us and congratulated us. The next day we went to ask my parents for their blessing… We were both nervous as hell; which resulted in me being really gigglish lol. My fiancé (yes I am definitely using this word as often as I can :P) had put on a suit (in which he looked absolutely stunning by the way) to make a good impression. So as soon as he walked into the living room my mom asked: O.o ok… wow! So…. now what? ahhahaha. And then… he asked them for their blessing. Mom and dad actually had seen it coming and were really happy for us. :D We ended up opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate it. ;) So we had been nervous and worrying for nothing ahaha.

So yesterday was an eventful and wonderful day! I have to get a little used to wearing the ring all the time, since I hardly wear rings…. But there is no way that I am taking this one off hahaha. I will cherish this ring, as I will cherish our love, which will hopefully last forever.

I wanted to thank all my friends and family for their love and support and the numerous ‘congratulations’ messages by phone, text message or facebook. ^^ I really appreciate it!




Ayaka said...

I knew it was going to happen I knew it I knew it I knew it! From the day you said you were >.< and or were not but still were! lol

Blackcat said...

Hahaha! ^__^" Yeah It was kind of predictable I guess.... But it doesn't make me less happy because of it! :D