Saturday, 8 January 2011

A very eventful day: rings and Rapunzel ;)

Dear reader,

A lot seems to have happened this week. On the 3rd of January my bf and I decided to kind of pull a joke on people… Well actually: he wanted a joke on his friends and family. >.< Kind of my fault though, because I actually dared him to do it hahaha. Simply because I really didn’t think he would do it. :P Decided to just go along with it for the heck of it. So we changed our facebook status to ‘engaged’. At first, from my side, no one noticed. He, however, got a lot of reactions from people either saying ‘Congratulations!’ or asking ‘Is that really true or just a joke?’ ^__^” He even fooled his mother (though that’s just the relationship the two of them have). Her reaction was: ‘Have you thought this through properly? Isn’t this too soon?... Or did an accident happen… Is she pregnant? Am I going to be a grandmother?’ So my boyfriend just responded (thinking that she would probably have picked up the joke by now), ‘Yes mom, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about’. Her reaction was a bit too positive on this one ahahaha. ‘Ok, is she going to move in with us? You guys can have the basement! Come live with mommy!… I should start buying some baby things’. ^__^” So my boyfriend just confessed to her it was a joke. She actually was a bit disappointed… His poor mother lol. Though I guess it’s a good thing to know that I am welcome there and that she thinks we are capable of raising a kid I guess… XD But no way in hell I am having kids any time soon.

So in the end we told everyone that it was just a joke… But actually, we kind of liked the facebook status which was still saying ‘engaged’…. And we started thinking about actually getting engaged. So we decided to just go window shopping for rings on Thursday (the 6th); to give ourselves an idea on what was out there. 
After going to a couple of shops in the city and getting a near heart attack since most of them were like 2000+ euro’s (for one ring?!), we went to shops which were located a bit outside the centre. There we eventually decided to look inside one of the shops and the lady that was running the store asked us if there was anything we were looking for in particular. So, with a bit of embarrassment and uneasiness we replied with an ‘ah… ehm… yeah we are looking for a set of rings’. So she asked us to take a seat and started to pull out some drawers with rings. And we actually both found a ring that we really liked… and you can guess what happened: we ended up ordering them!!

Outside the shop we just looked at each other like: ‘Ok.. recap… What on earth happened just now? Did we just… OMG we actually bought rings!’ My bf was just looking at me a bit dazed… and I… I was just extremely gigglish and hyper active! It all really happened really fast, but neither of us regrets it. The rings should arrive by the end of next week…. And then the waiting will begin… :P When oh when will he propose? And how will he do it…. So exciting!!!! He called his mom to tell her about it and she actually gave us her blessing. My parents don’t know about anything yet… We thought it would be a better idea to actually tell them after the engagement and then ask for their blessing.
I immediately texted my best friend… And (as expected) my phone rang about 1 min. after hahaha. She’s really happy for us too! Though it almost gave her a heart attack because she thought it meant that we were actually getting married this year or so. Well, we are not getting married any time soon. We first have to finish our studies, get a decent job, start living together… You know the drill ;).

After having bought the rings we went to the movie theatre. According to the website Disney's Rapunzel (the movie we wanted to see) would not be featured that day. So we decided to go to Megabrain. While actually selecting the movie we wanted to go to, I noticed that Rapunzel was actually in the list and we were on time for the screening! So we decided to go watch that one… IT WAS FANTASTIC! I especially love the horse, Maximus. He is soooo funny! The idea of a horse sniffing a thieve out and actually defeating him in a swordfight…was just brilliant! I might put up a more in-depth discussion of this movie next week.

So yeah all in all Thursday was a rather eventful day with some unexpected things happening ;). Life really is full of surprises I guess! :D




Zero said...

Daaaaahhhhh your joke back fired. Xp well congrads! Sood you will be fallowing in our foot steps. ^^ dahhh a little babby blacky. Ohhh I soo excited... I sound like alex.

Blackcat said...

Tnx dear! ^^ Though it's not official yet... :P He still has to propose hahaha.
^__^" I don't think there will be a baby for some time (think some years) to come. First want to finish my studies, get a stable job etc. <-- so that might take some years ;).

Ayaka said...

Took me 3 lol I am still studying too :3 of course I want to see you in a wedding dress before a mom's dress. <.< sorry it took me a while to comment just, I haven't had the time. today however I have spare time so I am going to spam you >.<

Blackcat said...

Hahaha **huggles** Thanks dear. ^^ I really appreciate it that you read my posts!
I would prefer that too! Would prefer to have a house of my own before I have a child too hahaha.