Monday, 3 January 2011

My Christmas presents

Dear all,

It just occurred to me that I have completely neglected to write a post on the Gifts I received for Christmas! Now that just won’t do… especially not since I got some really awesome things :D.

The first person to give me a Christmas gift was my best friend. She gave me a cup and saucer with a lily bell design. Why would she give me a cup and saucer? Well, I guess that’s another one of my addictions… not only do I like cute and pretty things… I also like beautiful tea pots… and with that beautiful cups and saucers. So with this gift my best friend was definitely spot on hahaha. 
(see the pictures under the cut). 
Isn't it the loveliest thing you have ever seen?

My boyfriend gave me a really really adorable plushy! He gave me a Gryphon hatchling! I do not play WoW, but I don’t think that’s needed to appreciate this little cutie!
Just look at it. It just looks at you like: mommy! *insert squeal here*

My parents really spoiled met his Christmas. I got two reference books on the Victorian Era, one called Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture and one called Companion to the Victorian Novel. Both are from the same series. So I will have some reading to do in my spare time (not like I didn’t have enough books already…. *ahem* lol). 

Also I got three volumes of a manga that I have been following for a while now: V. B. Rose. It’s about a girl, named Ageha, who starts working at a bridal shop that have their own atelier where they design and create wedding dresses for their clients. The two people working at the atelier are two boys… well you can guess the rest: she falls in love with one of them :D. I really love this manga probably because the girl reminds me of myself: she loves cute and beautiful things too hahaha. Though there is one big difference: she can sew XD.

I still like the cover of vol. 1 the best... The lines around the picture are actually golden (this goes for every volume)... It looks soooo pretty!

Well so much for my Christmas presents. ^^ Did you get some awesome ones as well?




ParaToxin said...

Jeey for the presents! =D hows the reading going ? :P


Ayaka said...

I got pretty nifty stuff too, love all the cute little things you got! You'll get your last x-mas present soon I hope lol, I didn't leave here till this year but hey I tried >.<;

Hikari said...

O w O Holy WOW! That is a beau~utiful tea cup, saucer, and spoon! Not even one of mine are that gorgeous.