Saturday, 5 February 2011

How Disney influenced my life!

Dear readers,

On the Disney questionnaire I made a while ago, I asked how Disney influenced peoples lives. Well seeing that it is well known that I absolutely love Disney I thought it might be fun to write a blog entry on how it has influenced mine.

I think that, to a certain point, Disney enabled me to retain a bit of childlike innocence. It is a way for me to sometimes just escape the nasty outside world (with all its murders, people stabbing others in the back etc.). It’s a place where magic does exist and where you can actually believe in it a little; even if it is for 1,5-2 hours. Maybe it is also the reason why I am always so optimistic… A lot of bad things might be thrown in your way (like chocking on an apple, or falling asleep for a 100 years), but if you work hard and stay kind to others, the hard work will pay off… And you might be able to get your happy ending! :D

One of my favourite Disney princesses was Aurora, Sleeping Beauty. I always really liked her, because she was really sweet to everyone around her, was great with animals and had a beautiful singing voice. I have to admit that as I child I really wanted to be like that. Looking at the way I am right now, it just struck me to what extent it had actually influenced me… To sum up the result: I am quite good with dogs and cats (especially dogs love me lol), I always try to be kind and friendly to those around me and I am going to take singing lessons. ^__^” I guess when someone said I was like a Disney princess, i.e. the stereotypical ‘girl next door’-type… I guess she was right after all lol!

Then there is of course my Disney collection: I have a couple of Disney figurines, a snow globe, a small box from Olszewski’s Gallery of Light and a lot of tree ornaments…. Oh and not to forget… My totally awesome Alice in Wonderland Teapot and cup and saucer! The crown jewel on my collection hahaha. Though I have not bought any figures in quite some time… Simply because I have no idea where to put them hahaha. I need a bigger room! Oh and then of course there are my Disney t-shirts… :P which have apparently been a topic for some debate at University (not like I particularly care lol).

Well I think that about sums it all up ;). If you have any questions, feel free to ask!