Thursday, 28 April 2011

New years resulotions... The score (for now).

Dear reader,

Well since it’s already the end of April I thought it would be a good time to see where I currently am with my New Year’s resolutions so I also know for myself what has come of them and what I still need to work on hahaha.

1. To make people smile; to make them happy.
Well so far so good with this one I think. I am just trying my best to stay my cheerful me and help others out the best that I can. I suppose that is one of the reasons why I like my current job so much: I can actually help people out to increase their chances of getting a house. Some people are really happy with the advice that you give them, which makes the job very rewarding.  

2. To become more independent.
Slowly but surely I am definitely getting there. I do more things by myself without asking dad to accompany me (yes I used to do that quite a lot ahahah) and do not longer rely on mom and dad to take care of things when I am in a difficult situation. 
Example: Last week I tried to book tickets for the Phantom of the Opera for our trip to London. Once the booking was confirmed the person at the other end of the phone actually asked me if the person whose credit card I was using, i.e. my dad, would also accompany me to the theatre. I said he would not and then I got the bad news that if the owner of the card was not there, we would not be able to pick the tickets up at the box office. So all in all I ended up calling people for about 1 hour, before I could finally get them to book my money back and I did not even once ask my mom or dad for assistance and I stayed perfectly calm. Well for me that was a real victory on myself, since I usually really hate calling… When I have to call people or institutions I am a major procrastinator ahhaha. But I am definitely getting better!

And yes I have been a good girl and am helping dad around the house as best as I can with all the work load.

3. To learn how to cook.
Well…. Ehm… yeah I have done lots of cooking *ahem, cough…. COUGH*. So far I know how to make a decent meal consisting of veggies and rice. Meat I am not that good with, but that’s only because I have not had the time to actually continue with the “please teach me out to cook, dad” course. ^__^” I have been insanely busy for the past few weeks, so I really couldn’t find the time.

4. To find myself another job.
Well everyone by now knows that I did actually find one! I work at Woningnet, which is a site that allows people to respond to social housing. I work at the call centre so I can inform people on what they need to do to enhance their chances of getting a house or answer more general questions about registrations and such. I really like my job since my colleagues are so nice! And of course… because it pays well. :D But My colleagues are definitely the most important thing.
Today was the first day that I was allowed to answer the calls by myself and it went really well. I did not even have the time to be nervous as they had launched their new site the day before and a lot of people called, because they were experiencing problems with the site, or had absolutely no idea how to navigate it. So basically: utter chaos and all hell broke loose haha. I did get some cake though… so I guess that makes up for a lot ;).

5. To seriously consider going abroad for half a year.
Well, as I said in a previous post, I am not going to go abroad. I do not wish to leave my fiancé and my parents behind. Maybe I will do so after I have done my PHD or something. I will just see where the future takes me.

6. To become the best girlfriend ever and have a wonderful time with my boyfriend.
This post actually made me smile, for how could I have imagined that I would not be a girlfriend anymore after one month, but a fiancée! I am not really sure how much of a good job I am doing with being the best fiancée in the world, but I am definitely trying my best. And I am always having a wonderful time with my fiancé: we have done so many things and already shared such wonderful moments in such a short time…. I can’t help but be really really grateful for being together with him.

7. To start taking singing lessons.
Well I have not actually gotten round to do this. I have been too busy juggling school, homework, a 16 hour job, my fiancé and my friends around. I hope that I will be able to take them during the next semester, though I do not know this for sure just yet. Else I will definitely be able to take them next year, since I will have a bit more free time in my schedule.

8. To read more on the Victorian Era.
Ehm… well yeah 100 pages a week next to my normal schoolwork… Seriously, I think I had lost my mind with this one. I apologize for disappointing everyone, but sometimes I clearly think I am some kind of superwoman. Next to the normal schoolwork, I had to do research for one of my subjects for an essay during the actual course (so basically it was the normal homework, about 100 pages, plus the research), so I have not been able to do any reading at all next to school (again!).
BUT! I have some really great news… well for me hahah. For my research master I have to do a tutorial with a teacher and I am going to do that on Victorian literature. The teacher that I am doing my tutorial with liked my ideas about Victorian literature in relation to death and mourning and has actually given my card blanch to compile my own reading list. So I will try to read as much Victorian literature as I possibly can. BEST COURSE EVER! Really can’t wait to start lol. Yes I know… I am SUCH a nerd ;).

9. To post a lot of blog entries.
Well ehm.. yeah I am definitely going strong with my 9 posts since the start of this year… ahem. I have just been too busy to really write many posts, especially since I have only just been able to find some kind of balance in my current, rather hectic life. But I will definitely be writing a post on our visit to London and before that I am planning to squeeze in another few posts. I am actually thinking on making a “Nightmare Alley” section for my blog, in which I could write down a few stories that are based on the nightmares that I have. And no I don’t have just your ordinary nightmares. I actually dream of abductions and people being killed in the event, vampires torturing people and babies being programmed to speak and move; so basically, I dream your average horror/thriller movie. I am actually wondering if anyone would be interested in reading them. Will you guys let me know if you are?
I really do hope that people won’t start to think that I am secretly some kind of psycho after writing down those nightmares though ^__^”. Really I am a very peaceful girl; I am against violence hahaha.

Well that’s it for now. The post actually became longer than it was supposed to be, but I hope you enjoyed it.