Thursday, 7 April 2011

training and London trip

Dear reader,

Well since it is really quiet at my workplace I thought I might as well just write a short blog update.
I have been struggling with the flu the entire week, so my training has been going a little slower than I had hoped it would. But I guess slow and steady wins the race in this case hahaha.

My colleages are really wonderful people. They are all very kind and understanding. They told me to just take it at my own place, since I don't feel very well. If I feel up for it, I might even try to take some of the calls myself today, but I will just see about that after lunch.

Not much has happened lately. I have just been extremely busy with homework, school, work and of course my wonderful fiancé. I have, however, booked a trip to London with my best friend. We are going to London for five days. We are going by buss (which is basically the cheapest way to get there hahah). We will be leaving in the evening on Sunday May 15, and we will return on the morning of Saturday 21.
Once there we are planning to visit The Globe Theatre, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens Museum, Tower of London etc. I have been to most of the places, but my best friend has not. And I really don't mind going there agian, so I am sure we will have a lot of fun. In the evening we also have scheduled quite a lot. We are planning to go to several musicals, such as The Phantom of the Opera, War Horse (it really looks impressive) and Sisters Act. Also we are planning to do a Jack the Ripper tour; I really liked the tour when I did it last year and I am sure that my best friend will love it as well. ;) So we really are going to do quite a lot.
We have booked ourselves a room in a cute little hotel called Cherry Court which is run by an elderly couple. It's about 2 streets from the coatch station at which we will be arriving, and thus very close to Victoria station. ^^ Really what more could we wish for? It's really central and the reviews were really good. ;) So I am really really looking forward to the trip.
I will keep you guys updated when respect to new developments, ideas for outings etc.

Well that's it for now! ;)