Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas and New Years Eve! :D

Dear readers,

Well Christmas has passed so we are back to the old layout ;). I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My Christmas was quite ok, even though I did get sick in the middle of the first day… T_T Bad timing mr. flu! But I still had a good time. We did not do much, just the usual opening of the presents, a casual Christmas breakfast, watching some movies and of course the wonderful Christmas dinner! I especially loved the second day, because that was the day when my fiance joined us.

Oh and I actually baked a cake. I tried to make it into a bunt shape! Making it was quite a trial though, as it needs loooooaads of steering and somehow our mixer did not work, so we had to do it all manually… The result was, of course, a blister on my right pinky lol. The cake did not look all that great (the top got stuck to the baking tin T_T), but it tasted really awesome! :D It was my first try at baking something, so I am quite pleased with the result. 

My ugly but very tasty cake! :D

This year too I got some pretty awesome presents! My parents gave me a new backpack from Eastpack  (which I desperately needed as the other one was about 5 years old hahah) and I got the dvd’s Mr. Poppers Penguins and a movie called My friends and It. I had never heard of the latter, but it is definitely a lot of fun to watch. From my mother-in-law I got a really nice perfume called ‘Damsel in Distress’. It is a really nice scent and I love the fairytale theme! :D I also got some lollipops from his aunt and his grandmother gave me a beautiful ring!

From my fiance I got a plush heart which actually has a light in it which fades in and out as if the heart is beating!  The heart itself is white so the red colour of the light comes out beautifully. It is sooo awesome! I really love it! :D

On New Years Eve we had a little get together with my fiance’s family and my mom and dad. The two families get along really well, so we had a lot of fun. And what more can a girl wish for? Hahah. I stayed over at his place for two wonderful days… I really dislike it how homework can get in the way of spending more time with him. Seeing each other only once a week can be quite a trail sometimes. But oh well, if everything goes according to plan I will be seeing quite a lot of him soon enough (yes that is a hint :P).

Well that is it for now, the next entry will be a review of last year’s resolutions ;).



Ayaka said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun, that's awesome! Love the gifts, and the hint lol

Adinda said...

Klinkt helemaal goed! Leuk dat jullie families zo goed met elkaar kunnen opschieten :). Je maakt me wel nieuwsgierig met je hint!

Blackcat said...

Thanks guys! :D Well my mom didn't like the hint at all :P haha.