Thursday, 23 February 2012

Busy, busy, busy bee!

Dear reader,

I am so sorry for the lack of updates. I have just either been extreme busy, away or too tired to even think about writing a blog post. So well… prepare for a major (be it quick) update! :D (I wrote this update a week ago, but left it on the computer at work, so I never got round to uploading it! >.< So sorry!!!).

From the 16th till 20th of January I went away on a holiday with my fiance to celebrate our 1 year engagement anniversary. We went to a bungalow park in the middle of a forest, so we could actually get some alone time and some rest. We had a really lovely and relaxing time! Though the sounds of the forest were quite scary at times hahah! As a present I bought my fiance a candy grabber and filled it with some very tasty candies! :D 

I received a really lovely heart shaped necklace and a matching pair of earrings. I totally love them! <3 Thanks hunny! I can write a more extensive blog entry on our little holiday if you guys are interested :). Let me know in a comment if you would like me to or not.

After the holiday it was back to work; be it actual work or homework. I finished my PHD proposal and handed it in. Now it is just a matter of keeping my fingers crossed… I really hope that I will be selected! I will keep everyone tuned though!

On the 6th of February I left with my parents for Disney. This was my mom’s 60th birthday present. We had kept it as a surprise to her. I actually made her a little video which revealed on the day that we were leaving (which was her actual birthday) where we were actually going. I bought them a Disney year pass, mostly because that was cheaper than a three day entrance ticket for both parks. It was really super cold in Disney, but that did mean that we did not have to wait in line for a very long time. :D So we got to do everything that we want to. We got back on  the 10th of February. If people are interested, I will write a more extensive blog entry on this… Just let me know in a comment.

Last Tuesday it was of course Valentine’s day! I got my fiance a Mickey Mouse fleece blanket, because it is always really (and I mean REALLY) cold in his room. :P So now the blanky can keep him warm when I am not around. He really spoiled me though! I received a beautiful rose and a balloon which says ‘I love you’, a cute (rather big) pillow with two bears that says ‘I love you’ and the most adorable Me to you plushy:


I also got a little towel in the shape of a piece of cake and additional ‘hugs and kisses on the go’; of which I already received a pair during Christmas. ^__^” Needless to say I felt a little overwhelmed… He spoils me waayyyy too much!

Next to all this, the new semester has started again, so I am back to doing lots of homework (not like I ever do otherwise lol). I have only one course this semester, called Sensation and Gothic Fiction (an entire course on Victorian literature… hallelujah! :D). However, I will be working on my Master Thesis as well for which I will have to do a lot of research, since I will be researching a topic that has been greatly overlooked by other scholars… <.< Why take the easy way, if you can take the long and hard way eh? Lol.

Well that’s it for now. The next update will be about me helping out at the huishoudbeurs (house hold fair).



Adinda said...

Wat een leuk cadeau voor je moeder!! Het klinkt alsof je het heel druk hebt, maar gelukkig ook met leuke dingen doen :).

Btw, ik wil ook een candy grabber!

Blackcat said...

:p Ik heb het zo druk als het klinkt hahaha. O.o Had gewoon geen tijd voor een update lol.
Haha Iedereen wil nu zo'n candy grabber. :P Het is aan te raden! <3 Dat ding is echt GEWELDIG en heeft nog een kermis muziekje ook! hahah

Adinda said...

Hahaha ik zie het helemaal voor me. Maar nee, laten we dat mij maar niet aan doen ;)