Saturday, 25 February 2012

Helping out ;)

Dear reader,

As promised a short report on my adventures at the huishoudbeurs (householdfair) where I helped the store They own a webshop, but also have stores in Scheveningen (The Hague) and Helmond. I have been to both stores a number of times and it is well worth a visit.

I was delighted when they asked me if I wanted to help out at the huishoudbeurs. Initially I was supposed to work the entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday), but as my best friend also really wanted to help out, I allowed her to take over the Sunday.

The stand was marked by an aura of absolute cuteness  and awesomeness (well at least that’s how it struck me as a Disney addict :P haha). They sold toys, plushies, bags, but also other merchandise such as Christmas ornaments, things for in and around the house etc. etc. I was quite surprised by the wide collection they had managed to bring with them.

The entire day I spent handing out flyers to passersby, which was a lot more fun than I had actually expected. As I am quite a shy person I thought I would be having problems approaching people, but overall it went quite well. The stand seemed to be quite a success as we were quite busy even though we were a little tucked away. I don’t think they actually believed that it would be such a success themselves. They even managed to sell quite a few of the more expensive statues (which I was surprised about as well!).

We also had to perform some dance moves to attract attention whenever Pluto was present at the stand. People could take a picture with him for free and then donate any amount of money they saw fit to a good cause, namely the Emma Children’s Hospital. So I did not really mind making a bit of a fool out of myself for such a good cause. I really hope they have managed to collect a lot of money.

The stand will be there until coming Sunday (the 26 of February), so if you are a Dutchy, love Disney and have some spare time on your hands, why not pay it a visit? ^^ If you don’t have the time to go, but are a Disney fan, I highly recommend paying their webshop a visit ( The variety of Disney merchandise is far greater than the official Disney site! ;).




Adinda said...

Klinkt leuk hee! Ben nou wel benieuwd naar je dansje ;).

Blackcat said...

Haha, zal ik de dans instructies in de post zetten gecombineerd met het muziekje? :P

Adinda said...

Hahaha ja klinkt goed :p