Friday, 2 March 2012

The introduction of Strange dreams galore and Nightmare alley

Dear readers,

As some of you might know, my sleep is usually plagued by dreams which are mostly scary or weird. I have been doubting whether or not to write them in my blog as I would not know if people would be interested in reading them. However, as several people have actually told me that I should write them down, I will be adding a special section to my blog called ‘Dreams’. This section is again divided into ‘Strange dreams galore’ and ‘Nightmare alley’ (if anyone has a better name for either of the sections feel free to share hahah!).

I expect the ‘Nightmare Alley’ section to be updated most frequently, as I tend to have a lot of scary dreams. Before I start describing my dreams it might be wise to state here that I hardly watch any science fiction movies or series (the only one I am currently watching is Eureka) and that I really do not have a vampire, werewolf etc. obsession. The last series that I actually watched which had vampires in it was The Vampire Dairies, which was about a year ago. Also, I do not play any videogames, except for Terraria (which is a platform game that does have some flying eyeballs and zombies in it… But I have never encountered those in my dreams haha). The reason why I write this is to testify that the similarities between my dreams and an actual series are purely coincidental.

Today I will start off with my first entry for the ‘Nightmare Alley’ section. I had this dream about a year ago, but it is still vividly engraved into my memory.

The setting was Victorian England. I had befriended a girl with long brown hair that fell on her shoulders in luscious curls. Her complexion was quite white, but this only enhanced the beautiful contours of her face. She moved with an elegance and grace unmatched by any of her peers. It will then come as no surprise that exactly this beauty had attracted the attention of a vampire. This vampire was a charismatic and of course beautiful man (how can it be otherwise). He was dressed in what might best be described as a Victorian aristocratic outfit and had long, brown, straight hair which he usually put in a ponytail.

After a few failed attempts (due to my interference) of the Vampire to get his hands on the girl I decided to help my friend flee the town. Our plan was to hide the girl in a cabin trunk and to arrange for the trunk to be driven to a nearby village by one of the locals. I was to hide behind the trunk so I could intervene if the vampire was to show up. On the day of our departure everything seemed to be going to plan… Until we reached an open plane near the edge of the forest which was close to our native village. There the vampire appeared out of nowhere and landed on the trunk whilst laughing viciously. He was clearly amused at our attempt to escape.  He grew out his nails until they were approximately the length of a short sword and with one thrust threw his arm right through the trunk and the bottom of the cart, only missing my friend by an inch. In a panic I tried to stop him by grabbing his arm, but was thrown off the cart by him without any effort. He wrecked what was left of the trunk and carried my friend off into the forest.

Without hesitating I tried to follow them, which was not very easy as the vampire moved quite quickly. At a certain point I lost them, but somehow I knew exactly where to look. I rushed towards an abandoned church in the middle of the forest. The heavy wooden door was slightly ajar and as I pushed it open with all my might I saw my friend lying on the floor. I was too late; the vampire had killed her. As I kneeled down beside her lifeless body, the tears welling up in my eyes, I heard a hollow laughter behind me. I had not noticed the Vampire standing on the altar behind me. With a swift movement he landed in front of me. Scared as I was, I tried to move away by moving backwards on the floor.  As my left arm slipped away from under me and I fell over, the vampire saw its chance to move on top of me. He grew out the nail on his left forefinger. Whilst slowly moving it across my cheek and grazing my skin with it, he said that I had shown some real gumption, so I need not be afraid of him. With a malicious smile which was accompanied by a playful tone of voice he added: ‘Don’t worry; I will only torture you a little’.

And that is where my dream ended. It really was quite the adventure.  Once I told a friend about my dream, he said that the fact that the vampire could grow out his nails reminded him of a series called Sanctuary. I have never seen that series so if some of my readers might have spotted the resemblance it is entirely coincidental.

Well we have now come at the end of my first dream entry. I hope you have enjoyed it. Let me know what you think! :D