Monday, 5 March 2012

Wii Fit Plus review

Dear readers,

Well some of you already know but I decided to buy a Wii console. I am not a very advent (let alone good) gamer, so I certainly did not buy it to play Mario Carts or anything (although that game did come with the console). No, I bought it to be able to gain exercise with the Wii Fit Plus system. It took me a very long time to decide whether or not to buy it, since the system does not come cheap (the console it self cost me 133,- euros and the Wii Fit pack (game + balance board) cost me 88,- euros). I have had the game for about three days now and I thought it would be nice to write a review on it.

As many of you know I am very busy with work and school and can therefore not find the time to join a gym or something. However, I noticed that because I do not get enough exercise I was rapidly losing my energy. I thought the Wii Fit Plus system would be the perfect solution, since I would not have to leave the house (and loose 30-60 mins traveling time). Although I have only been using it for three days now, I have to admit it really does what it promises... I feel the muscle ache already hahaha.

So how does it work? Before you can start training the Wii Fit system will first ask you a couple of questions about your age and height. It will calculate your weight and it will ask you to do a "simple" balance game (after it has first measured your center of gravity), after which it will calculate your Wii fit age. Your wii fit age is heavily influenced by the balance test, so if you believe you can do a lot better than your first try, feel free to do the test again (I took about 7 years off the age when I retook the test).

After all the measurements are complete the Wii Fit System will ask you to set a goal. I set my goal at losing 5 kilo's in 2 months. I primarily chose this set-up so I could test if the Wii Fit system is useful for losing weight, since I thought that some readers might benefit from this. It is not my ultimate goal to lose a lot of weight with the help of this program; I just bought it to stay fit really.

Next you are asked to chose between a friendly male and female trainer who will guide you through the Yoga and muscle exercises. You are good to go afterwards.

There are five different categories which hold different exercises, namely: Yoga training, strength training, aerobic exercises, balance games and the Wii Fit Plus Games.

- The Yoga training section contains some of the basic Yoga exercises such as the tree pose, the warrior pose and the chair pose. The balance board measures your balance whilst you are doing the exercises to give you feedback on your posture.

- The strength training section pretty much does what is says; here you will have to do sit-ups, pushups etc. Both in the Yoga and strength training section you will be guided by the trainer that you have chosen.

- The aerobic exercises, on the other hand, you will do without your trainer. The games featured here are, for example, hula hoop, steps, but also rhythm boxing.

- The balance game section features games such as ski jumping, ski slalom and snowboard slalom. At first these are quite tricky, but they really do help you to improve your balance. The results are really quite visible once you retake the body check after doing a couple of these games for a few days; your center of gravity will be more towards the middle.

- The Wii Fit Plus games are by far the most fun ones. These games are often a combination of the aerobic exercises and balance games. There is a game that asks you to jog and keep a close eye on your surroundings. You will be asked a few questions about your surroundings after you have finished jogging. Again another game has you cycle (you use the wii control to steer) whilst clearing flags.

For those of you who are interested I have selected youtube videos of some of my favourite Wii Fit Plus games.

First of all there is Rhythm Kung Fu. You have to match your kung fu movements to the beat.

Then there is Rhythm parade. Here you have to step on the balance board whilst matching the rhythm of the music, whilst waving the controller when the bubbles with icons in them hit the circles. It really is harder than it seems as sometimes the bubbles do not match the rhythm of the music.

Another favorite of mine is Perfect ten. You have to shake your hips to hit the mushrooms which have numbers of them. Your goal is to make 10 as quick as you can. 

Well that is it for now. I hope you have enjoyed my review so far. I will keep you guys up to date on my progress, merely so I can report if it will allow you to lose weight or not. One thing is for sure; it will definitely allow you to work on your muscle strength and stamina ;).